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    Texting success: Proven SMS templates for beauty salon client engagement

    sms templates for salons

    Emails are a superb option for engaging beauty salon clients. However, issues like spamming and poor open rates can disrupt swift email communication, leading clients to miss crucial information on upcoming appointments, treatment follow-ups, or payments.

    So what happens next? Will your emails vanish into the digital abyss with the rest? Will you have to deal with another no-show headache?

    The truth is, you don’t have to, Your clients genuinely want to hear from you—they just crave a more convenient way than email. And what’s more convenient than direct text messages?

    With a 98% open rate, texts are the best shortcut to efficient client communication!

    Let’s explore the benefits of SMS further, and share some killer beauty salon text message templates to use in your salon today and keep your clients invested in their beauty journey.

    sms for beauty salons

    The power of text messaging in client relations

    SMS is a powerhouse for preventing no-shows and boosting branding and marketing. Beauty salons can send timely SMS reminders, so clients can easily keep track of their next appointments, or reschedule on time.

    Celebrations are one way to leverage texts. Sending automatic birthday wishes, paired with a voucher, screams, “We appreciate and celebrate you.” Consider offering flash deals, too, like 5% off for the first 20 bookings. It turns your slow days into packed ones, causing a booking thrill among your beauty clients, even the less active ones.

    Alongside the glitzy rewards, don’t overlook the magic of timely appointment reminders. With a response rate 8x higher than emails, text reminders are likelier to be taken more seriously by customers, so they’ll turn up for their appointments or fill out forms on time.

    Before all, gauge how often your clients prefer to engage with your salon. A well-timed message is concise, convenient, and prompts action without being too demanding.

    Top beauty salon text message templates for various scenarios

    Salon SMS can be good for a lot of things. You can send them on special occasions, holidays, and days that are personal to the client, for example, the anniversary of their first salon appointment. But it takes time and effort to tailor client SMS on your own.

    So, here are five ready-made beauty salon text message templates you can rely on anytime.

    1. Appointment confirmation and reminder

    Hey, [client’s name]! This is a reminder of your appointment at [salon name] tomorrow morning, at [time]. We’re happy to see you again!

    sms template

    2. Promotional offers and special discounts

    Everyone wants to score a great deal, get that discount, and unlock a special reward.
    Sending a sweet offer wrapped in a short text can revive inactive clients, as well as your new ones and those who rarely book in advance.

    Hi [first name], having a grey day? We promise to brighten it up! Use our discount code
    [code name] on arrival, to get 25% off on lymphatic massage!

    3. Seasonal greetings and personalized birthday wishes

    People love birthday texts and gifts, so leverage this occasion (holidays, too!) to send your clients your best wishes and treat them with something extra on special occasions.

    Happy Birthday, [client’s name]! To celebrate your special day, we offer you a birthday voucher — use it to book your favorite treatment online!

    sms for salons

    4. Feedback and review request

    Texts are the fastest track to get client feedback. Client testimonials are crucial to collect. By publishing 5-star reviews on your salon website, social media channels, or sites like Yelp, others can easily see how your clients feel about your services, staff, treatment facilities, etc. and potentially decide to book a consultation with your salon.

    Hey, [first name], thank you for booking with [salon name]! Please share your satisfaction feedback with us — and get 20% off your next cut!

    sms templates for salons

    5. Last-minute availability and cancellation filling

    Last-minute cancellations are a headache, but there’s no need to simply leave your calendar with empty appointment slots. Send texts to clients who might want to reschedule and include a treat for their time, like a free product sample, so it’s worth their while.

    Hi [first name]! We’ve had a last-minute opening. Are you able to come in today at [time] instead of [date/time]? Book now to get an exclusive [reward]!

    sms templates for salons

    Beauty salon text message best practices

    Get consent

    For your beauty salon to send SMS to clients, you need to get their consent first. Sending texts to clients without consent is a privacy invasion and also against the law, both by HIPAA and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

    The good news is, clients can opt-in to your texts with verbal consent or by filling out a digital consent form. It’s a great way to show your clients respect and keep your beauty salon in the legal lane, away from potential violations.

    Personalize messages wherever possible

    Sending standardized messages to your customers might be counterintuitive. It makes the information sound too generic, making them reconsider engaging with it further.

    A superb way to personalize SMS messages for clients is by using their first name — this little detail will make them feel more valued by your salon and more loyal in turn.

    So, instead of saying: “Hi, please confirm your appt at 10 am on May 9 with Beauty Clinic,”

    Try this: “Hi Elle, this is BeautyCare Clinic. Just a reminder of your next visit, on May 9 at 10 am. If you need to cancel, call us on [phone number]”

    It makes the whole difference in how you speak to clients, ultimately improving the way they perceive and engage with your business.

    Keep it concise (<160 characters)

    When texting salon clients, remember that less is more. Texting is meant to be efficient and easy; it’s why they prefer it over emails in the first place.

    If your messages are endless or complex, clients might become overwhelmed with the details and opt out of receiving SMS altogether. They might also feel that you’re not respecting their time (everyone’s busy!), leading to ignored notifications and missed appointments.

    Most SMS services allow you to use 160 characters, but it’s better to keep messages a bit under that limit. Which, to be fair, is still enough space to include all relevant details.

    Pro tip: If you need to share more information with clients, send them an email instead.

    Use professional language and maintain a brand voice

    Being friendly is crucial when messaging your clients, but so is being professional. Using slang or cracking jokes in your texts is a big no – it makes your messages seem unreliable and unserious. Instead, consider creating informative texts that keep the tone light, but are respectful and concise.

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    SMS can be superb for growing a unique brand voice. Sophisticated or trendy, sending texts in the right voice will make your clients feel like they know you like you’re talking to them directly. And because they like that, they will be more eager to take action and speak highly of your salon, through word-of-mouth and online.

    Pro tip: Leverage texts to ask for quick referrals or reviews. It helps promote your brand online, hook new clients, and keep existing clients happy.

    Each text message should provide value to clients

    When you send a text to your clients, it needs to provide value. Whether you’re promoting new services, sharing after-treatment tips, or appointment reminders, clients want a smooth experience.

    So, for clients who haven’t booked in a while, it’s better to send them your special offers, rather than hit them up with a feedback form. Likewise, for clients who show up to appointments but have outstanding balances, it’s better to nudge them with a payment reminder than an appointment reminder. It’s all about pushing the right buttons.

    Need help sending SMS messages to your clients? Try Pabau today

    Don’t settle for a myriad of software tools — Pabau can seamlessly integrate SMS marketing, reporting, and client communication in one place.

    With Pabau, managing client communication becomes a set-it-and-forget-it experience. Our pre-built and custom beauty salon text message templates help salons personalize messages and swiftly target specific clients. Create them once — reuse them endlessly!

    Pabau lets you merge tags for specific client locations, helping you send targeted texts for appointment confirmations, consultations, and more. Send appointment reminders to prevent no-shows and last-minute cancellations, or include smart calls-to-action so clients can book their next service, provide instant feedback, or unlock a reward.

    pabau texts for salons

    Automate text follow-ups or loyalty vouchers all from one system. No need for using extra SMS platforms or tools — Pabau gives you all texting options at a glance!

    Supercharge your marketing efforts with smart texting. Book a demo with Pabau now and discover why it’s the only tool you’ll ever need again!

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