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    8 Aesthetic Marketing Ideas to Drive Business In the Quieter Summer Months

    When the sun’s out, the temperatures rise and the Great British Summer finally shows its face, business at your clinic could go one of two ways.

    You might find that with many of your clients off work for the summer, they’ve got more time on their hands to book appointments and look after themselves. They’ll want to focus on looking great for a holiday or a wedding. And so you’ll end up busier than ever.

    Or it could be that your clients have already gotten themselves summer-ready. They’ve had all the treatments they wanted ahead of the summer holidays, and they’re all off enjoying themselves somewhere… leaving your clinic a little quieter than you’d like.

    If you find yourself with time on your hands this summer, here are 8 aesthetic marketing ideas to drive business and get more clients.

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    8 aesthetic marketing ideas to drive business:

    1. Get blogging

    Blogging is a great way to create relevant, engaging content that attracts potential clients. The more often you post new content to your website (and your social channels), the more you’ll increase your ranking on Google.

    Content that covers a range of treatments and topics will attract a range of clients. It doesn’t need to be complicated either – just think about the kind of helpful advice and guidance that you’d like to read if you were exploring treatment options.
    To get started, think of some of the most common questions your clients ask you, and just write down your answers!

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    2. Start a newsletter

    When you’re publishing regular blogs, you’ll have lots of great insight and advice that your clients – old, existing and new – will want to read.

    A newsletter is a great way to keep all of them engaged, and make sure your clinic stays front of mind. And it’s really easy to set one up and start sending.

    Aesthetic clinic software like Pabau has hundreds of templates for you to choose from, and automatically pulls in all your client and prospect data. Just add your blogs and any news announcements you want to make, and hit send!

    If your clients have time on their hands during the summer, they’ll appreciate hearing from you and learning more about your treatments.

    3. Up your TikTok game

    TikTok is one of the biggest social media trends around (at the moment), and you’ll likely find some prospective clients there. But a great TikTok channel needs great videos – and making those takes a little time and effort.

    If you’ve got downtime in between clients though… get filming!

    Use your clinic – and everything in it – to get creative with some new TikTok videos and show off all your treatment options. Demos, quick benefit-focused videos, how-to’s – even a group dance mirroring the latest TikTok trend – will all help you get noticed and get more aesthetic clients.

    4. Collect some new reviews

    Reviews are one of the most important, most useful marketing assets your clinic has. We talk about why you need them – and how to get them – at least twice in our free guide: Marketing your Aesthetic Clinic.

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    When business is a little quiet, use the time to reach out to all the clients who’ve visited in the last couple of months and ask them for a review on your Google My Business page.

    If you haven’t done so already, set up software like Pabau that automatically requests a review from your clients after every visit, via text and email. It also collects all your reviews in one place and lets you decide which you’d like to share to your website and social media.

    The more reviews you share, the more prospective clients you’ll attract.

    5. Hold an open day

    Inviting your local community down to see your clinic in person and enjoy a glass of bubbly is a great way to drum up new business this summer.

    It gives prospective new clients the chance to ask any questions they might have about your treatments and see your facilities for themselves – so you can show off your state-of-the-art equipment and spotless clinic.

    Plus, announcing an open day is a great way to get your name out into the area, through local newspaper articles, posters in shops and signs on the road.

    6. Test some offers on your treatments

    Another great way to get more aesthetic clients to your clinic during the summer is to run an offer or two on some of your treatments.

    Maybe you could run a two-for-one offer on a new skin treatment or promote a 20% off special on laser hair removal.

    Or, you could put together a ‘Summer Beauty’ package that includes a few different treatments over a couple of months, bundling them together for one ‘amazing value’ price.

    7. Re-engage your old clients

    Those treatment offers won’t just attract new clients. They’ll help you bring back previous clients who you might not have seen for a while. A discounted price or special package is sure to entice those who can’t resist a sale!

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    Use your records to see which clients haven’t visited in a while and which may be due a top-up. Reach out to those clients who once came regularly but who haven’t booked a treatment for a few months.

    Your clinic management software can help you identify these types of clients. Software like Pabau even automatically reminds those who would benefit from booking subsequent appointments and follow-ups.

    8. Ask your existing clients for recommendations

    Finally, one of the quickest and easiest ways to attract new business is to just ask your existing clients about their friends and family. Do they know anyone they could recommend?

    Ask in person, on social media and in your newsletter. Just putting the idea in your clients’ minds can make them think about someone they know who could benefit from one of your treatments.

    The quieter summer months are also a great time to start a referral programme. Reward your loyal clients who make recommendations and help you find new business, using simple automatic software like Pabau.

    Looking for more aesthetic marketing ideas this summer?

    Head over to our aesthetic marketing hub page to find loads more insight and inspiration to help you get more aesthetic clients and grow your business.

    And if you want something to read this summer? Download our free Marketing Your Aesthetic Clinic guide to see exactly what you need to do to guarantee success this year.

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