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Tebra vs Pabau

Why is Pabau the right Tebra alternative for you?

This page will unpick some of the key differences between Tebra and Pabau so that you can decide which is the best fit for your business. 

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Main differences between Tebra and Pabau


Tebra is a comprehensive practice automation solution designed to support various medical businesses, primarily independent practices. 

Formed in 2021 from a merger between Kareo and PatientPop, Tebra combines practice growth features with robust practice operations options like EHR, billing, and payments management.  

They primarily target primary care providers but also promote their software to a diverse range of other healthcare specialties and billing companies.


Pabau is an all-in-one practice management software specifically designed for the complex needs of a medically related patient journey.

We serve the medi-aesthetic industry and have customers that are GPs and private practice clinics, cosmetic surgeries, pharmacies, and more.

With clients all over the world, Pabau provides everything a practice needs to reduce time spent on admin, improve the patient experience, and attract new customers. 

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Tebra’s pricing depends on the number of users and the features you need, so you’ll need to contact their team for a personalized quote.

Keep in mind they have a $150 minimum monthly fee for having an account, even if no practitioner is using the system.

There are additional charges for exceeding data storage limits, sending too many insurance claims, and services like blog writing and creating ads.

Tebra also offers advanced automation features and optional services, which come with additional fees.


Pabau’s pricing is based on the number of users and every client will get access to ALL features for a flat monthly fee, including forms, inventory, marketing features, and more, at no extra charge.

We have a variety of pricing options designed to suit every client. Get in touch with our sales team for more information.

In terms of additional costs, there are charges for the optional SMS appointment reminders (which we highly recommend you use) and our Marketing Plus add-on feature. 

There are also optional set-up and data migration fees designed to get you started as quickly as possible.

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Feature comparison

Why Choose Pabau Over Tebra Tebra Pabau
Essential medspa features
Pabau is tailored to your medspa needs. Easily capture and share professional before-and-after photos with comparison sliders, utilize face-plotting diagrams, automatically track injection amounts and product usage, and more. Tebra's primary focus is on primary care practices and doesn’t offer any of these options.
Streamlined booking experience
Pabau creates a seamless booking process. Clients can easily book services, purchase packages and gift cards, and even add funds to their account for future payments – all options fully customizable to your needs. Tebra offers basic online booking with far less flexibility.
Seamless stock management
Pabau streamlines your inventory process. Easily track stock levels, set automatic re-order triggers, and even link product usage directly to treatment records for accurate inventory updates. Tebra doesn't offer this feature.
Fully automated communications
Automatically send service-specific forms and pre- and aftercare emails without lifting a finger. Tebra offers some automation, but sending many forms remains a manual process.
Treatment packages and bundles
Easily create and sell packages and bundles, encouraging clients to book multiple treatments and drive up revenue. Create customized offers and discounts and turn one-time clients into regulars with this feature. Tebra lacks these crucial features.
Enhanced messaging customization
Send personalized, branded emails with images, merge tags, and AI-generated content for better efficiency. Tebra offers basic email functionality but lacks the customization options found in Pabau.

"If you want an easy life, then this is the only client management software to use"

Roxanne Merchant, Head of Clinic Operations
Juvea Medical

Top 5 reasons to choose Pabau over Tebra

1. Pabau is built for healthcare and medi-aesthetic clinics

Pabau is specifically designed for the complex needs of the medi-aesthetic and healthcare industry. Our clients range from medi-aesthetic clinics, GP clinics, skin clinics, cosmetic surgeries, med spas, pharmacies, and more.

Unlike Tebra, which primarily targets independent healthcare practices, Pabau understands the unique workflows and requirements of both medical and aesthetic businesses.

That’s why we offer features like automated pre-care and aftercare emails, before-and-after photo management, injection plotting, and customizable forms – all tailored to the unique needs of this sector.

 2. Robust reporting

Tebra offers several reports to analyze your clinic's activity. However, creating advanced analytics and custom reports requires their desktop app and everything is Excel-based, making the reports harder to create, visualize, and understand.

Pabau will enable you to really get under the hood of your business and drill into what’s working – and what needs improving. You can choose from over 150 prebuilt reports, shown in pie charts, graphs or other visuals.

Or, create fully customized reports with just a few clicks. Pull all your day-to-day data and see appointments, client numbers and revenue. Plus, identify who regularly no-shows, who your big spenders are, and more.

3. User-friendly and centralized

Pabau prioritizes a clean, modern interface and intuitive workflows. Our fully cloud-based system is designed for easy and intuitive appointment scheduling, client data management, and client communication, all without a steep learning curve to get started.

Tebra still has remnants of its merger, with separate Kareo and PatientPop logins that you need to switch between, as well as separate logins if you want to operate different practices.

You even need to to use Tebra's standalone desktop app for essential tasks like deleting patient records as well as certain billing options. Pabau keeps everything streamlined and accessible in one place.

4. Dedicated to your success

Pabau believes in supporting your clinic's growth.

We offer a comprehensive knowledge base filled with hundreds of articles and over 30 video courses going in-depth on the essential features you need to succeed. We also have a vibrant community forum where you can share feedback and suggest new features.

While Tebra also provides resources, their support options are less extensive, and their Tebra University currently focuses solely on their Kareo features.

5. Truly customizable experience

Tebra provides a range of prebuilt templates and basic customization for emails, SMS, and forms. However, their options are quite limited in scope.

Pabau takes customization to the next level. Personalize and brand your client communications, fully tailor your online booking portal, and even adjust the entire software interface by hiding unused features or adding custom fields that work throughout our system.

Whatever your specific needs are, Pabau can adapt to them.

Customers That Chose Pabau Over Others

“After 16 years of using about 20 different client management software systems, this is the only one I can honestly say does it all, and does it all very well.”

Roxanne Merchant,

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

“Pabau is feature-rich, allowing us functionality to grow as our business needs grow, and at the same time quite intuitive to use. Competing software offerings can’t compete!”

Daniel, Doctor,

G2 review

“I’ve been in business for almost nine years. I’ve tried a lot of different software, but I was always missing some features. This software has everything that saves my time, keeps my records and medical forms in one place, and is easy to use.”

Angelina, Owner

G2 review

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