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Setmore vs Fresha
vs Pabau

Which scheduling software is the one for you – Setmore or Fresha? 

Picking the right scheduling software is a really important decision for your business. If you’re undecided then this is for you. Here, we spotlight the key differences between Setmore and Fresha and drop another contender into the mix – Pabau.

What does Setmore do?

Setmore is an online scheduling platform that will enable you to connect with your customers. It’s designed to work for various industries – education, legal, financial services, and more – as well as businesses such as hair salons, spas, and massage therapists. You can choose between free and paid plans and manage your appointments through their calendar.

What does Fresha do?

Fresha is a subscription-free model for the beauty and wellness industry.

However, while it is technically ‘free’, they charge a commission fee on every new client booking that comes through the Fresha marketplace, which can quickly become expensive. In their own words, Fresha helps businesses boost sales and attract new clients via online bookings through Google search, Facebook and Instagram.

What does Pabau do?

Pabau is an all-in-one clinic management software specifically designed for medi aesthetic clinics. With clients all over the world, Pabau provides everything clinics need to reduce time spent on admin, improve the patient experience, and attract new customers. Because it’s purpose-built for med spas, it has key features that this client base will find particularly valuable.

What are customers saying

Why Choose Pabau Over Setmore vs Fresha Setmore Fresha Pabau
Online booking widget
In Pabau you can create a fully branded online booking experience on your own website using an online booking widget. In Fresha, there’s no online booking widget. You’ll be directed to a landing page or directed to book via Fresha marketplace.
No commission fees
Fresha operates a subscription-free model. While you don’t pay a monthly fee, you will be charged a commission fee of 20% for each new customer that books via Fresha. If you have 100 appointments booked through Fresha costing £50 each, they’ll take £1000.
Online booking for medi aesthetic clinics
In Pabau you can set your online booking system so that new clients can only book a consultation, not a service. Existing clients can click through to book an appointment using their login details. Setmore and Fresha don't have these options
Coupons, discounts, and rewards programs
Incentive programs are a key way to help clinics retain clients and boost customer loyalty. But you can’t set up promotional offers or discounts in Setmore, which is a big limitation.
Patient journey app
Want a way of making sure you have all correct documentation on file before a client has their appointment such as consent forms, questionnaires, and photos? Use Pabau’s dedicated patient app to keep yourself right and ensure you never miss a step again.
Multiple locations
Got more than one clinic? Or do you work at different locations on different days of the week? In Pabau, you can set this up in the backend and clients can simply book the clinic location they need. In Setmore, there isn’t multiple location functionality.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose
Pabau Over Setmore and Fresha

Pabau is built for medi aesthetic clinics

The best software understands you, your business, and your challenges. Pabau has been built to meet the needs of medi aesthetic operators, not hair or beauty salons. 

That’s why it has features that have been created specifically for this sector, such as automated pre-care and aftercare emails, electronic medical records (EMR), before and after photos, injection plotting, customizable forms, and so on. At Pabau, we get you.

Not just an online scheduler

Setmore markets itself as an online scheduling platform. If you simply need a tool to help you schedule appointments for your business, then Setmore has everything you need. But if you want to do more than the basics, Pabau might be a better fit.

There’s limited customization in Setmore. You can’t book packages, only individual services. You can’t set up gift cards to reward your clients. You can’t send emails without integrating a different tool. And so on. With Pabau you have everything you need to run and grow your business, in one place.

 A documented client journey

Clinics need to collect a LOT of documentation before an appointment, right? With Pabau, you don’t have to break a sweat trying to remember everything. You can simply use our app to ensure you have up-to-date health records, signed medical consents, and photos.

Not every provider has this functionality, but we know how needed by med spa practitioners. Not only does it protect the client, it also protects your business.

A 5-star booking experience

Booking an appointment online is one of the first touchpoints a client has with your business. But Fresha sends clients to their website to book, where your clinic is pitched alongside the competition - potentially losing you sales. Meanwhile, your branding is minimised.

In Pabau, it’s a completely different experience. You create the end-to-end experience to fit with the look and feel of your brand. The client can book an appointment directly from your website - and there are no hidden fees or costs. Every online booking is money in your pocket.

Zero commission fees

Getting new clients booking appointments with you should be something to celebrate - it means that your reputation is growing and you’re doing an excellent job, right?

That’s why, with Pabau, you won’t be stung with commission charges for new clients. You also won’t have to read the fine print about what constitutes a new customer. The money you earn through online bookings goes straight to you, every single time.

Customers That Chose Pabau Over Others

“After 16 years of using about 20 different client management software systems, this is the only one I can honestly say does it all, and does it all very well.”

Roxanne Merchant,

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

“Pabau is feature-rich, allowing us functionality to grow as our business needs grow, and at the same time quite intuitive to use. Competing software offerings can’t compete!”

Daniel, Doctor,

G2 review

“I’ve been in business for almost nine years. I’ve tried a lot of different software, but I was always missing some features. This software has everything that saves my time, keeps my records and medical forms in one place, and is easy to use.”

Angelina, Owner

G2 review

Ready to supercharge your clinic
with Pabau?