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PracticePal vs Pabau

Why is Pabau the right PracticePal alternative for you?

Looking for a better alternative to PracticePal? Look no further – here’s exactly what Pabau can offer you that PracticePal can’t.

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Main differences between PracticePal and Pabau


PracticePal is a cloud-based practice management software suite. They have a web and in-app software version.

Their solution is ideal for specialized medical clinics such as physiotherapy, podiatry, and chiropractic. Additionally, PracticePal caters to multi-disciplinary clinics, GPs, surgeons, psychotherapy, counseling services, alternative medicine, and aesthetic clinics.

PracticePal’s core system is pretty affordable and includes several essential features. You can add more modules to customize your system.

However, not all essential features are included, and you must pay extra for clinic notes, online bookings, and recalls.


Pabau is an all-in-one practice management software specifically designed to streamline workflows and increase efficiency in medi-aesthetic clinics.

Our integrated system provides key features to deliver first class client service, effortlessly manage complex patient records without a single piece of paper, and automate repetitive tasks.

Besides medi-aesthetics, we also have customers in GP clinics, skin clinics, cosmetic surgeries, pharmacies, salons and more.

With clients all over the world, Pabau provides everything a practice needs to reduce time spent on admin, improve the patient experience, and attract new customers.

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At first sight, PracticePal is very affordable. Their core system costs £25 ($37.90) per month. However, this provides limited functionality.

If you want to get access to essential features, like clinic notes, Practice Income (a feature to set appointment fees, raise invoices and take payments), recalls and online bookings, you need to pay £3 each per month for each added feature. That’s £18 if you need all six.

On top of that, be prepared to pay £1 to £5 for an extra account, depending on whether it’s a full-time, part-time, external practitioner or administrative staff.

PracticePal also charges a fee of £1 for each user using their app, and an additional £1 if they use Clinic Notes within the app. So, all in all, it’s not as affordable as it first appears.


Pabau charges a flat monthly fee and every client will get access to all the features. And there are a LOT of features. Online booking, digital client records, appointment reminders, staff scheduling and rota management, and lots more – Pabau is incredibly feature-rich.

Pabau’s pricing is based on the number of users, irrespective of whether they’re full-time, part-time or admin staff. So, there are no complications when you decide to scale and hire more people.

There are one-off costs for training and data transfer services to help you get up and running as soon as possible, but are entirely optional.

The only additional costs are the charges for the optional SMS appointment reminders (which we highly recommend you use) and our Marketing Plus feature.

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Feature comparison

Why Choose Pabau Over PracticePal PracticePal Pabau
Core functionality built in
PracticePal offers a core system with limiting features and charges extra fees for essential clinic features. Pabau in incredibly feature-rich with all core features built in - you get access to all of them for a flat monthly fee. The only exception is the optional Marketing Plus feature and SMS appointment reminders.
Comprehensive client portal
PracticePal doesn’t offer clients secure access to their EMRs - only an online booking portal. With Pabau, clients get a client portal with an online booking functionality where they can self-manage appointments, complete forms, and access essential healthcare information, communication, aftercare, and lab results.
Automated pre-care and aftercare emails set per service
In Pabau, you can schedule pre-care and aftercare emails at the time of booking so you can simply set it… and forget it. These emails are service-specific in Pabau, so you can send a reminder at the right time for any particular treatment.
Before and after photos
PracticePal doesn’t have a before and after photos feature. You can only upload files and images by integrating your Google Drive. On Pabau, you can take photos using the iPad app, create albums, timelines, and even use the slider tool to highlight progress. Plus, you can securely share photos with customers via the client portal, which is so much better for security and compliance.
Customizable recalls
In PracticePal, you have the option to select how many months in advance you want to send recalls - there’s no weeks or days option. In Pabau, you can customize the recall to the treatment, so you can send it after three weeks, six months, whenever you wish.
Customizable reports and analytics
In PracticePal, you get several built-in reports generated in a PDF file. You can’t customize them yourself but must call PracticePal whenever you need a custom report. Meanwhile, Pabau has more than 150 pre-built customizable reports and you can build your own. There’s also pie charts and graphs so it's more visual.
Automated confirmations and free email reminders
Appointment confirmations in PracticePal are only sent as an SMS and they are not automated. You need to enable it manually for each appointment. Also, reminders are charged 5p per email and 10p per text. In Pabau, email reminders and confirmations are automatic and free of charge. You set them once and don’t think about them.
Customizable user permissions
PracticePal has limited user permission options you and don’t have an overview of which of your staff can see and do what. Pabau allows you to assign role and team-based permissions to keep client data safe. You can also edit permissions for individual staff members and have full control over who can see what.

"If you want an easy life, then this is the only client management software to use"

Roxanne Merchant, Head of Clinic Operations
Juvea Medical

Top 5 reasons to choose Pabau over PracticePal

1. Pabau is an all-in-one practice management system

PracticePal is a solid practice management solution with relevant tools to help you manage your clinic. However, their core system comes with only a portion of the tools you’ll need in your daily tasks. You'll need to pay for essential features such as reminders, email notifications to practitioners, and online bookings.

With Pabau, you get all the features to streamline clinic processes and some more! We don’t lock away essential clinic features behind add-ons or charge you for emails, forms, photos, or online bookings.

2. Pabau is built for the medical / clinic patient journey in healthcare and medi-aesthetic clinics

Our clients are medi-aesthetic clinics, GP clinics, skin clinics, cosmetic surgeries, med spas, pharmacies, and more.

Pabau is built to meet the needs of both medical and aesthetic businesses. Our features are specifically designed for this sector, such as automated pre-care and aftercare emails, electronic medical records (EMR), allergy/contraindication warnings, before and after photos, injection plotting, customizable forms, video consultations and so on. At Pabau, we get you.

 3. Sophisticated marketing and automation features

In terms of marketing, PracticePal could be stronger. You can send simple mail-outs and SMS and email reminders, but can’t send email blast campaigns. What that means is you’ll need to budget for an additional tool to do your marketing, such as MailChimp, and integrate it into PracticePal.

With Pabau, you get a built-in suite of marketing tools that help you create targeted email campaigns, share gift vouchers, manage your leads, and get new customer reviews. Sit back and let our marketing automation deal with the repetitive tasks like reminders, recalls, and follow-up communications.

4. Comprehensive client portal

PracticePal offers an online booking portal where patients can register, book, and cancel appointments and fill in forms. But they can’t access essential healthcare information.

Our client portal allows your clients to securely see before and after photos, book appointments, see email communication, medical history, pre-care and aftercare, lab results, and more - from a single location.

For your front-of-house staff, that means much less time spent printing out forms, updating medical information, and taking appointment calls.

5. Robust reporting feature

While PracticePal has several reports that provide you with insights into your clinic’s activity, it’s a little tricky to understand without visuals. You need a custom report outside of the pre-built? You'll need to call PracticePal to make it happen.

Pabau will enable you to really get under the hood of your business and drill into what’s working - and what needs improving. You can choose from over 150 prebuilt reports, shown in pie charts, graphs or other visuals. Pull all your day-to-day data and see appointments, client numbers and revenue. Plus, identify who regularly no-shows, who your big spenders are, and more.

Customers That Chose Pabau Over Others

“After 16 years of using about 20 different client management software systems, this is the only one I can honestly say does it all, and does it all very well.”

Roxanne Merchant,

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

“Pabau is feature-rich, allowing us functionality to grow as our business needs grow, and at the same time quite intuitive to use. Competing software offerings can’t compete!”

Daniel, Doctor,

G2 review

“I’ve been in business for almost nine years. I’ve tried a lot of different software, but I was always missing some features. This software has everything that saves my time, keeps my records and medical forms in one place, and is easy to use.”

Angelina, Owner

G2 review

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