Faces Consent vs Pabau

Why is Pabau the right Faces Consent alternative for you?

This page unpacks the differences between Faces and Pabau. Take a look and decide which one is the right fit for you. 

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Main differences between Faces Consent and Pabau


Faces is a digital consent and booking system, serving aestheticians, beauticians, and salons in the UK only.

It’s designed to be simple and straightforward, so if you’re a small team (or a team of one), you can get started and be taking appointments very quickly. It also doesn’t have a monthly subscription fee, so it’s ideal for practitioners who may want to limit their overheads.  

However, Faces might not tick all the boxes for clinics that need more robust record keeping, client communication, and marketing.


Pabau is an all-in-one practice management software specifically designed for the complex needs of a medically related patient journey.

The majority of our clients are in the medi-aesthetic industry. However, we also have customers that are GP clinics, cosmetic surgeries, pharmacies, and more.

With clients all over the world, Pabau provides everything a practice needs to reduce time spent on admin, improve the patient experience, and attract new customers. 

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As we mentioned, Faces doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee.

So, in theory, it’s ‘free’. However, it’s not completely without costs. Faces will charge a 1.5% fee for any deposits that are used. You’ll also pay a 10% fee on prescriptions. Similarly, you can order stock from them but you’ll be charged commission fees. 

In addition, there are lots of services that are optional add-ons that will also cost extra, such as their Brand Boost marketing feature or business waste disposal services. 


Pabau’s pricing is based on the number of users, and every client will get access to the features for a flat monthly fee. Online booking, digital client records, appointment reminders, staff scheduling and rota management, and lots more – Pabau is incredibly feature-rich.

Any additional costs, such as one-off training and data transfer services to save you time and help you get up and running as soon as possible, are entirely optional.

The other optional fees are SMS charges and our Marketing Plus feature.  

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Feature comparison

Why Choose Pabau Over Faces Consent Faces Pabau
Forms synced to client records
Faces’ consent forms are stored in the system as PDFs and the information isn’t automatically synced to the client record. In Pabau, any information gathered via intake forms in Pabau is instantly updated in the client record, which helps to keep your clients safe.
Automated pre-care and aftercare emails
In Pabau, you can schedule pre-care and aftercare emails at the time of booking by simply checking a box. These emails are service-specific in Pabau, so you can ensure clients get the right information, at the right time.
Customizable recalls
In Faces, you have two options when it comes to recalls - send one after two weeks and send one after three months. In Pabau, you can customize the recall to the treatment, so you can send it after three weeks, six months, whenever you wish.
No before and after photos
Faces don’t have a photos feature, and you’re limited to adding five photos to a client record. On Pabau, you can create albums, timelines, and even use the slider tool to highlight progress. Plus, you can securely share photos with customers via the client portal.
No built-in marketing features
If you want marketing functionality in Faces, you’ll need to pay extra for it. Their optional marketing add-on service starts at £125 a month. With Pabau, you get lots of built-in marketing features, such as email newsletters, gift vouchers, and reviews.
Reports and analytics
Faces don’t have reports built into the system. Meanwhile, with Pabau, you can report on big spending clients, leads, appointments and more to inform strategic, data-driven decisions. We've even added pie charts and graphs.

"If you want an easy life, then this is the only client management software to use"

Roxanne Merchant, Head of Clinic Operations
Juvea Medical

Top 5 reasons to choose Pabau over Faces Consent

1. Pabau is designed for complex, busy businesses

Faces Consent is a good software solution for small team who need a simple and straightforward software solution. You can get up and running really quickly, build a website in minutes, and even buy prescriptions via their app.

However, you may quickly outgrow its capabilities. On the other hand, Pabau is designed to grow with you. It’ll enable you to meet the demands of complex, busy businesses. If you need to schedule a team of staff, add rooms and equipment to your scheduling, manage your inventory, and more, Pabau may be a better choice.

2. Robust client records

With Faces, you can add and store basic client information such as name, address, next of kin, GP details, and so on. However, it’s fairly limited. For one, there’s no before and after photo option, which is critical, and you can only add five files to each client record.

Pabau is the opposite - it’s incredibly comprehensive. You can create photo albums and timelines, mark injection points on client photos or diagrams, add allergies, prescriptions, patch tests, vouchers, review all upcoming and previous communication, and more - all in one place.

Plus, information collected via forms is automatically updated in the client record.

 3. Helps minimize risks and human error

There are always risks in running an aesthetic clinic. And when you’re just starting out, that’s when the risk of human error may be highest - forgetting a form, not getting a signature, not sending aftercare. That’s why Pabau has a number of clever features that act as safety nets to keep patients safe.

Forms are sent out automatically. There’s an in-clinic patient journey with built-in steps so you never forget before photos. Allergies and contraindications are stored and flagged when you prescribe. That's why Pabau is a must for practices performing aesthetic treatments.

4. Built-in marketing features

Faces has a LOT of fantastic features that we know practices will love. However, one area where they are a little light is marketing. Yes, you can sign up for their additional Brand Boost feature – their partnership with a marketing agency –but it will cost you extra.

On the other side, Pabau users get a lot of marketing features out of the box. There’s a lead management tool, email newsletters, vouchers, and more - and the best part is you don’t have to pay extra. It’s available as part of the monthly subscription fee.

5. Pabau is an all-in-one solution

Faces does a lot of things well, but it doesn’t do everything. And what that means is you’ll then need separate tools and software to manage your inventory, run marketing campaigns, manage your schedule, and so on. With Pabau, you truly get an all-in-one solution.

Of course, we’re not the cheapest software on the market. But the great thing is you won’t need anything else as, in the words of one of our customers, “Pabau does it all.”

Customers That Chose Pabau Over Others

“After 16 years of using about 20 different client management software systems, this is the only one I can honestly say does it all, and does it all very well.”

Roxanne Merchant,

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

“Pabau is feature-rich, allowing us functionality to grow as our business needs grow, and at the same time quite intuitive to use. Competing software offerings can’t compete!”

Daniel, Doctor,

G2 review

“I’ve been in business for almost nine years. I’ve tried a lot of different software, but I was always missing some features. This software has everything that saves my time, keeps my records and medical forms in one place, and is easy to use.”

Angelina, Owner

G2 review

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