Effortless financial management: How Pabau’s point of sale and invoice features help your clinic

    POS software

    Basic practice management software can be a bit of a one-trick pony. 

    Whilst it’s great for online bookings, calendar management and automated forms, most medi-aesthetic CRMs omit key automated features that keep clinics running smoothly – such as point of sale and invoice features. 

    If you want to really move the needle, you need these baked in. Here’s why: 

    Manual payments cost money

    Online payments, sales,
    and automated invoices are the biggest trends in practice management software. A single manually processed invoice will cost clinics an average of $15. Add, say, a hundred monthly invoices to that count, and you’re looking at time-consuming, manual invoicing worth $1,500 at the very least. 

    And it’s not just clinics wasting good money that’s at risk here. Manual processing also:

    🤕 Impacts the customer experience 

    🤕 Makes you less efficient and organized 

    🤕 Costs you money and financial accuracy 

    🤕 Puts your financial data at risk & makes them less accessible

    Payment record accessibility is another major issue — that’s why 63% of patients said they would switch their current clinic for a competitor clinic, if it earns them a better financial experience.

    Don’t lose valuable patients again — Pabau’s all-in-one software keeps your clinic organized, updates you on all finance processes, and elevates patient satisfaction.

    How Pabau does payments differently


    ☝️ First rule of order! 

    We ditched paper trails for a Point of Sale (POS) system. Clinics can now easily manage patient payments, in-person or online, and store data directly in their EMRs.

    ✌️ Second rule of order! 

    We automated tracking invoices, outstanding balances, and purchases, which could save you from 260 to 416 hours in admin tasks. 

    🔢 Want to do the numbers yourself? Use our time-saving online calculator!

    Get a closer look at the best point of sale and invoice software solutions Pabau offers.

    Solution #1 — Pabau’s encompassing Point of Sale system

    Let’s face it
    — scheduling appointments, managing patient memberships or discounts, and collecting group payments prevent you from properly taking care of your patients.

    The end result — your patients end up dissatisfied with your level of commitment and you still have a pile of finances to sort through manually. 

    To save you time, retain your patients, and keep your finances in order, Pabau has created a comprehensive point-of-sale system for financial clinic and patient management. 

    Earn peace of mind when running your clinic by automating financial tasks like:


    ✔️ Automating quotes. Inform patients of your product and service cost before time. Send Pabau’s customisable quote templates, or create your own from scratch. 

    ✔️ Automate payment requests – this can save you up to $4,000 a month!

    ✔️ Record payments and purchase history. Learn when, how, and how much patients pay. Find purchased products or services and store that data in our system.

    ✔️ Manage sales, discounts & loyalty points. Sell specific products and services at the price you choose. Creating custom discounts or loyalty points for repeat patients or groups earns you 5% greater customer retention and 25% more profit.

    ✔️ Generate end-of-day (EOD) payment reports. Track invoices, receipts, revenue, and your financial performance at all times.

    ✔️ Create a custom package or service for custom patients, e.g. a yoga class.

    ✔️ Put patient cancellations and no-shows to an end. Deposits save you from patient cancellations and no-shows. You can create flexible deposits for bookings, and reduce the 20% no-show rate.

    Create your first sale with Pabau

    There are several ways to create a sale within Pabau’s POS. 

    Next to the general Search bar, click the ‘+Create’ icon and choose Sale. You can also do this by clicking Shift+S.

    Or, you can also access a patient’s Client Card and click the ‘+’ circle on the right to add a Sale for that particular patient.

    Creating a new sale directs you to the main POS page, where you can choose an existing patient in Search, or register a patient as a ‘walk-in’ or a ‘new client.’ 

    Then, you can choose what you will sell — services, products, packages, consumables, bundles, or packages

    A huge advantage for patients is the Account tab on the left, where they can also add funds to their online balance, and use them for faster and precise online payments.

    Pabau has simplified the charging process, too. Our system allows patients to pay in full, partially, on the spot or online, or by using discounts, deposits, gift vouchers, etc. 

    If a patient books online, they can also add a tip for the practitioner. Once the payment is registered, patients will receive a confirmation featuring the name of the person selling them the item, the item quantity, and the full financial breakdown.

    Patients can access all invoices in their EMRs, under Financials, and check the status.

    Clinic team members who have been granted permission can also access patient payments via the patient’s Client Card→EMR→ Financials. From here, you can edit invoice details, items and services, and payments, especially in case of an update or change.

    Pabau’s Payment Options

    Pabau clinics’ patients have various payment options to choose from —
    credit cards, Pabau’s card terminal, Stripe and Stripe terminal, cash, or self-pay, where they receive a payment link via SMS. 

    Other ways to complete payments include through the patient’s health insurance, gift vouchers, deposits, loyalty points, or the money patients put in their online balance.

    If a patient chooses a chunk-by-chunk payment, the system will offer you to choose ‘Save Part Paid.’ This leaves the invoice open, which can be neat for patients who use longer treatments or package/bundle deals.

    Regardless of the payment method, all sales will be registered and saved to each patient’s EMR.

    💸 Clear all outstanding patient balances with Pabau!
    Our debt management
    process generates clear analytics that reduce overdue patient invoices. Use our automated reminders to subtly notify patients when it’s time to pay, via email or text !  

    Solution #2 — Pabau’s tailored Invoicing features

    Manual medical records are nobody’s friend. 

    Think about it. 

    Old-school invoicing, selling, and billing waste your time and hurt your productivity. 

    They also threaten the accuracy of your financial calculations and make your payment records less accessible to other clinic members and patients.   

    Now, not every practice management software offers automated invoicing solutions. 

    But Pabau does. 

    Our built-in system offers seamless financial management for busy clinics that want to cut down the paperwork and retain control over their money – all from one place. 

    Check our leading top automated features that help organize your payments: 

    ⚡️Quick invoices — Bill patients directly from your appointment calendar. 

    💊 Invoice items Specify invoices to apply to certain services or products you sell.

    📋 Personalization — Create and customize invoices to show patients their treatment payment details. Add a ‘Pay Now’ button to simplify card and digital wallet payments.

    🗣️ Branding — Use Pabau’s customisable invoice templates to add your clinic’s logo, colour scheme, and voice. Or, create an invoice from scratch and brand it as you like.

    🧾Invoice and payment logs — Instead of managing invoices manually, you can securely log them into Pabau’s POS. Our automated log feature boosts transparency and helps clinics better track all financial processes in one place.

    📁 Multiple invoices — Patients covered by insurance can pay multiple invoices at once, using payment remittances — excellent for group invoices and patients undergoing longer or multiple treatments, or using packages.

    💲Refund invoices — Use a patient’s invoicing history to successfully refund transactions, and record their status in our system.

    📤 Share invoices — Let your patients download invoices from our online booking portal. For protection’s sake, use system permissions to enable/disable invoice sharing.


    👉 Get this!

    42% of purchase order invoices were paid on time when they were automated. In comparison, only 25% of non-automated invoices were paid on time.

    🏁 Pabau’s already there!

    Our automated invoicing system can save your clinic up to 49% of the cost of manual invoice processing!

    Solution #3 — Pabau’s seamless integrations

    To secure your sales, invoices, and payments, Pabau integrates with Stripe, Xero, and Healthcode.

    • Stripe integration will automatically charge patients and reduce missed appointments and no-shows by 50%. For clinics that want a more customised POS system, the Stripe Terminal offers maximum flexibility. Clinics can process Stripe refunds in the ERMs ‘Financial’ tab. All refunds will be sent back to the card the patient paid with.
    • Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that, when integrated into Pabau, manages invoices, inventory, purchases, expenses, bookkeeping, and more.
    • Healthcode helps UK clinics process insurance invoices, by automatically clearing and validating medical bills for all major UK insurers.

    Automate Clinic Finances with Pabau’s Point of Sale and Invoice Tools! 

    Forget managing sales, invoices, and outstanding payments manually — we do the math for you,
    the automated way!

    Our comprehensive financial management software offers the best POS and invoicing features to help you store, track, source, and issue invoices. Manage sales and billing under one roof, under the same price, and without needing separate software.

    Pabau’s solutions relieve you from manual financing and keep the 67% of patients who prefer paying medical bills online, happy!

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