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    5 amazing automations that will boost revenue at your aesthetics clinic

    Clinic automations

    Let’s be honest, running a busy practice can be a whirlwind. 

    Between scheduling appointments, delegating staff, responding to emails, and answering the phone, providing stellar patient care — your #1 priority — can easily fall behind on your to-do list. 

    Then, there’s the issue of paperwork. Invoices, quotes, forms, and other documents you handle with pen and paper or without sufficient solutions can cause severe efficiency setbacks. This leaves your patients unattended, your staff overwhelmed, and your revenue out in the dry. 

    But, there is an easier way to ensure efficiency and revenue gains without handling piles of paperwork— clinic automations

    By automating certain processes, like online bookings and marketing, you’ll save time, enhance patient care, optimize staff performance, and enjoy a solid revenue boost. 

    Manual admin tasks come at a high cost…

    The US has spent $39 billion on administrative transactions, 42% of which could have been saved with automations. In perspective, 42% amounts to $16.3 billion, which, to be fair, is a ridiculous amount of revenue to put at stake or lose altogether. 

    But, Pabau’s revenue-friendly clinic automations can easily lead you to—

    Clinic automations

    Over 1,000 Pabau practices already use our software to automate their online bookings. But online bookings are not the only thing you can automate with Pabau 2 anymore. Sales, invoicing, and marketing automations can lead to faster and better patient experiences, easier clinic management, and more earnings— without losing any time!

    For hair salons, clinics, medi-spas, and aesthetics practices that want to amp up their revenue whilst maintaining spotless patient care— 📢 we hear you, we got you. 

    Read the 5 leading clinic automations by Pabau 2 that will help skyrocket your revenue and ensure lasting patient satisfaction.

    What are automations for clinics?

    Automations refers to various technologies that can help manage administrative and diagnosis or treatment processes without human intervention. To put it simply, instead of you having to remember to send an email or an SMS to a patient— whether to encourage them to rebook or make a payment— you can set up an automation to do it for you. 

    On a larger scale, automations improve internal operations for your aesthetics practice. They reduce delays, boost team efficiency, ensure patient retention, and stabilize your revenue in the long run. In practice, automations allow you to easily manage: 

    👉 Time-consuming processes — like invoicing and patient communication

    👉 High-effort, high-reward tasks — like marketing and selling

    👉 High-effort, low-reward tasks — like data and record keeping

    How clinic automations help boost revenue

    Clinic automations, such as sending personalized treatment plans, before-after photos, appointment reminders, and precare forms, can do wonders for patient engagement.

    With automations, practices can boost revenue by 34%, reduce costs by 10-15%, and:

    ✔️ Target high-spending patients for cross-selling or upselling purposes

    ✔️ Target less responsive patients to ensure further engagement

    ✔️ Use automated reminders to cut no-shows 

    ✔️ Optimize billing for quicker and timelier payments

    Patients who are actively engaged, with easy access to their treatment and bookings, are more likely to book and keep future appointments.

    At the end of the day, the way you take care of patients, and your staff of course, the more revenue you’ll end up putting in your bank.

    What Pabau 2 clinic automations can do 

    Clinic automations can be applied to various processes including selling, online booking, payments, marketing, and security.

    In Pabau 2, automations are very simple to set up and tinker for the desired outcomes. You can take action where needed and use automations to ensure timely payment processing, maximum appointment attendance, and an overall revenue boost.

    For example, depending on who you want to target as your audience, you can—

    • Set general automations, which will apply to all patients in your clinic. This can be neat for sending pre-care, aftercare, appointment reminders, etc. This can also apply to all patient groups and leads that you want to easily manage.
    • Set filters to specify your audience. E.g. filter out patients who have overdue balances in the last month, and send automated bill reminders with a secure payment link, only to those patients.

    How Pabau 2 clinic automations work

    In Pabau 2, automations are displayed as workflows and are very easy to set up and manage. You can choose to automate anything from clients to appointments, and: 

    👉 Set up your preferred target audience — include all or selected patients and leads

    👉 Use Pabau automations templates — everything is designed for you, just apply it

    👉 Choose how often your automations will run — switch them on and off as desired

    Below the chart is also a workflow dashboard from where you can directly act on your created campaigns. You can enable any campaign by using the activation toggle, and:

    • View and edit automations details
    • Organize automations by folders
    • Delete unnecessary automations

    How to create and manage automations with Pabau 2 

    Initially, Pabau lets you create two types of clinic automations:

    1. Templated automations
    2. Automations you can build from scratch

    Let’s start with ready-to-use templates. Pabau automation templates are created to engage your patients with minimal monitoring required on your part. They can be of great help when you have a specific group of patients that you want to monitor and tend to ongoingly, like returning or inactive patients. 

    For example, you can use our ‘Welcome back’ template to greet recent or long-inactive patients. Alternatively, you can leverage Pabau’s ‘Happy Birthday‘ template and offer birthday discounts to engage or reward patients celebrating in the upcoming week or month.

    You can also use Pabau’s automated templates for—

    • Incomplete medical forms automation. Automate your medical forms for a hassle-free and efficient clinic experience, eliminating the need to remember or manually oversee the completion process.
    • Botox recall automation. Boost your revenue by automating client reminders for recent Botox treatments, effectively engaging your clients and prompting more bookings.
    • New clients created this month. Enhance patient onboarding with a personalized welcome email automation, ensuring a warm and informative introduction to your practice and a seamless start to their journey with you.

    Pabau Automation Types

    With Pabau, you can choose automations types that apply to— patients, appointments, leads, and line items. All automations you set can run on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

    Once you decide what you want to automate, Pabau’s filters will help you specify these automations further. 

    Let’s say that you have had a few no-shows, costing you money and appointment slots. You want to learn how many patients have missed their appointments, so you can ensure their attendance next time around. 

    To do that, you first need to create a new automation type in Pabau— 

    1. In Settings, you can title the automation, add an email subject for your patients, and choose who that email will be from. Once done, you can choose how often you will run this automation, or whether you’ll only send it to your audience once. 

    2.  In Audience, you can create specific filters and choose your desired audience. For example, you can set the audience to be ‘Clients’ whose last visit was ‘a month ago’, and whose ‘appointments’ were canceled because of ‘no-shows.’ Neat, right? Here’s what the filter will look like—

    3. In Design, you can choose a ready-to-use Pabau template. Or, if you have templates already, you can add the code and use them directly from our system. Finally, you can build a template from scratch, which we explain in detail below. 

    4. In Review, you can see what the final automation will look like. In case you missed any steps, Pabau will let you know, so you can update them. Click ‘Turn on’ to launch the automation, and find all newly added workflows in the automations dashboard.

    When you’re done and go back in Pabau 2’s automations dashboard, you can  see all: 

    • Active, failed, and filtered workflows you created
    • Your audience details
    • A visual chart of each automation’s value

    Now let’s see how you can use our automations to boost overall efficiency, patient satisfaction, and especially revenue.  

    4 key processes you can automate with Pabau

    Pabau 2 automations were specifically designed to help manage the workflow processes that cost you time, effort, and money. Here’s how to put them to good use.

    1. Marketing automations

    Marketing automations simplify patient engagement, delivering positive results for 63% of businesses in just six months.

    🧲 Attract new patients 

    You can easily create and schedule welcome emails, promotions, and rewards to send to your first-timers or walk-in patients. You can also set up automatic feedback and survey campaigns that will generate valuable intel from new patients, helping you improve your service and revenue.  

    🧲 Retain existing patients 

    Pabau lets you set up automations for marketing campaigns, ads, loyalty points, vouchers, discounts, etc. This helps engage the patients who bring in fixed revenue to your practice. You can also send ‘Thank you’ emails and social media campaigns or share education and events with active patients. You can also send them an SMS, which will gain you faster response from patients.

    🧲 Tend to inactive patients

    If you have patients that haven’t booked an appointment in a while, automations can help you re-engage them. Sending feedback surveys, email campaigns, and special offers and packages can help reactivate ‘snoozed’ patients and get them to book again.

    Automated emails have 84% higher open rates, 341% higher click rates, and a 2,270% increase in conversion rates. So, the more you invest in marketing automations, the faster your leads and patients will engage, and the more you’ll gain financially. 

    2. Online bookings

    Online booking automations can boost patient engagement, ensure booking accuracy, and reduce time spent on taking new bookings via phone. 

    ✔️ Manage recalls 

    One way to boost revenue is to ensure that your patients return for check-ups, and automated recalls can help you do that. By reaching out to patients regularly, you’ll increase billable appointments and fill in revenue gaps due to missed follow-ups. You can choose to recall patients every week, monthly, or however often you need it.

    ✔️ Manage precare forms, photos, labs, plans, and notes 

    Automating consent and precare forms, as well as treatment plans can streamline administrative tasks, reduce paper and storage costs, and ensure timelier payments. 

    With automated reminders, you can get patient forms quickly, share treatment photos and plans, lab tests, and personalized notes. Patients will love the tailored experience you can offer and will be more likely to book with you again. 

    ✔️ Manage appointment reminders 

    Automated appointment reminders help maximize booking attendance, ensuring viable revenue. For example, many practices struggle with getting senior patients to attend an appointment. With Pabau, you can filter out patients older than 60, and create an automation that will send them one or two reminders before their appointments.

    ✔️ Manage specific clients 

    Do you have patients who only see a specific practitioner? You can automatically send them newly available slots they can book. Or, you can alert patients when their practitioners are back from a holiday, and ready to take new appointments. This can also apply to patients who use specific rooms at your practice, those who book from a special location, or patients who need special products or equipment.

    3. Sales automations 

    If there is a process that can instantly scale your revenue and save you time, it’s sales. 

    Traditional selling to patients can be extremely time-consuming for busy clinics. But, by automating tasks like prospect outreach, you can save an average of 2 hours a day. 

    As for revenue 💲 sales automations can help—

    👥 Nurture leads 

    Sending personalized follow-ups to leads ensures their engagement and conversion. For example, if you are a dermatology clinic, you can collect email addresses from leads interested in skin care tips from your website.

    Then, send them a series of informative emails over a few weeks, including special offers. This will encourage potential leads to book a consultation with your clinic, leading to increased revenue.

    📈 Upselling & cross-selling 

    With automations, you can also identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling to existing patients and increase the average sales value.

    For example, if a patient schedules an appointment for a routine check-up, you can track the patient’s previous visits and treatment history. Based on this data, you can automatically generate targeted recommendations, such as new serums or lasers, and send them in a follow-up email.

    🤑 Track high spenders 

    If you are a luxury spa, for example, you can easily keep track of clients who spend the most on your VIP services. Pabau’s system will flag these high spenders and send them exclusive offers, like discounted package deals. Creating such personalized offers will encourage high spenders to book more treatments, boosting your revenue in turn.

    4. Invoicing & billing automations 

    Late invoices and bills are the last thing your practice should spend time managing. 

    Although patient care and satisfaction are your highest priorities, they do depend on regular patient attendance. Keep in mind, every unpaid slot can cost you up to $200. So, tracking outstanding balances and sending payment reminders can optimize your invoicing process, and prevent revenue gaps in the future.

    🗃️ Line items

    Line item automations help you track specific medical services patients have booked. 

    Let’s say you have a patient who received a consultation, lab tests, and prescriptions during their visit. By automating line items, Pabau’s system will instantly create separate bills for each of these services.

    Handy, right? Line item automations reduce the risk of human error, too. Your patients will be accurately charged for their services, whereas you’ll collect accurate payments, faster. 

    💳 Automated deposits

    Automations help you easily filter patient no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Target your audience, a.k.a the no-shows, and set up automated deposits for their next booking. You can send them reminders and manage your online bookings far more efficiently, whilst scaling your revenue at the same time.

    🧾 Invoicing 

    Pabau automations do wonders for invoicing. You can send billing reminders to patients who have outstanding invoices, and notify them once after a completed payment. This reduces administrative workload, minimizes billing errors, and boosts payment processing, leading to improved revenue.

    📅 Payment plan schedules

    Many practices have patients that book longer, more extensive, or package treatments. With Pabau’s automations, you can filter those patients or groups, and send them an automated payment plan schedule via email or text. Patients can pay for their treatments in smaller chunks and will be automatically updated whenever their next payment is due.

    Build your own automation from scratch

    Besides automations templates, Pabau lets you build your own automations from scratch. You can give your automation a title, design it as you wish, and decide how often you’ll run it. You can also select your target audience by using smart filters. 

    For example, you can set your audience to VIP patients, based on any VIP labels you created for them previously. And here’s what that filter will look like when applied:

    Building custom templates helps you tailor automation precisely to your clinic’s unique needs and goals. At the same time, a personalized engagement strategy can help you nurture specific patients better, and ensure high ROI for your practice. 

    Pabau lets you track all automations you create via a detailed dashboard where you can track the automations efficiency, see failed workflows, and close completed ones. 

    5 smart automations you can start using today

    Ready to get your automations journey on a roll? Here are 5 cool automations you can do with Pabau. 

    1. Appointment reminders & notifications. Remind patients to attend their appointment or notify them when you aren’t able to make the appointment.
    2. No-shows & last-minute cancellations. Filter your audience to ‘last-minute cancellations’ or ‘no-shows’ and take action to engage inactive patients more. 
    3. Invoicing. Filter patients who have outstanding, group, or pending invoices and automatically send them secure payment links.
    4. Appointments with a specific doctor. Filter appointments that patients have booked with a specific practitioner. Maximize booking efficiency by informing patients of open appointment slots with that practitioner ahead of time.
    5. Recalls and precare. Boost patient engagement by automatically sending recall notifications and personalized precare forms. Patients can arrive prepared for their appointments, while you won’t have to manually collect forms or remind patients to send their forms by phone.

    Want to learn how to set these automations and maximize revenue and efficiency? 

    🚀 Let’s go!

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