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    How Pabau’s injection plotting tool powers effective record-keeping

    Pabau’s injection plotting feature is a specialized tool for accurately recording and tracking injectable treatments, which is particularly useful to med spas and aesthetics practitioners.

    Industries such as healthcare, physiotherapy, and medi-aesthetics place great importance on strong, visual documentation. Charting is a crucial part of a physiotherapists role, for one. Arguably, though, it’s med spas that will benefit the most from a robust face mapping tool.

    Recording injectable treatments accurately is crucial. Many professionals might feel concerned about how they go about documenting injections so that they know where they injected a client, what batch number of injectable they used, and the date of the treatment.

    For individuals who are just starting out, whether from the NHS or starting their own business, having effective tools for documentation means one less thing to have to worry about.

    Introducing Pabau’s injecting plotting tool…

    This is where Pabau’s injecting plotting tool comes into play! Use it to:

    • Date stamp your images for easy record keeping
    • Plot directly onto a client photo (rather than a diagram)
    • Easily track batch numbers and expiry dates
    • Sync to your inventory to simplify stock management
    • Do it all from one system for secure record management

    7 ways Pabau’s injection plotting tool simplifies practice management

    1. Better visualization

    The injection plotting feature introduces an image-based mapping system, which allows practitioners to actively plot injection points directly onto a chart or a client’s photograph. Instead of plotting on diagram, you can upload a client photo and plot on that!

    Use Pabau’s photography feature to take a pre-treatment photo of the client. Then, simply tap on the specific facial area for treatment and mark the injection points.

    This visual representation creates a comprehensive record for future reference. Practitioners can draw freely, add their own notes, and mark injection points on the client’s image.

    2. Less free typing, enhanced accuracy

    Accurately quantifying the administered amount of injectable is crucial, and Pabau simplifies this process. Everything is built into the system so you don’t have to free type. For example, you add your product to the inventory and then simply select it when you’re plotting. 

    Pabau uses AI to provide a selection of recommended units which you can choose from. Practitioners also retain the flexibility to add custom amounts.

    You can also choose the area you’re injecting from a list.

    We’ll also calculate how much of a product you use as your add your plots to the graphic. This real-time calculation of the product used eliminates manual calculations and actively assists practitioners in effectively managing their treatments.

    This feature enables practitioners to actively keep track of the total amount administered, thereby aiding in inventory control. With this information readily available, practitioners can proactively plan for future treatments and ensure an uninterrupted supply chain.

    Finally, once you save your image, it’ll be date stamped.

    3. Easy record-keeping

    Accurate records also assist practitioners in tracking treatment outcomes.

    Pabau ensures comprehensive information capture by making sure that details about the administered treatment, whether recorded on the chart or in a photo, are easily retrievable. Injection plotting is saved directly onto the client card. The availability of relevant details at your fingertips empowers you to navigate your responsibilities with confidence.

    This system serves as a robust safety net. It provides practitioners with the assurance that they have all the necessary information to hand at all times. If they need to jump into a client record while working at another practice, all they have to do is log in to the system.

    It makes accurate recording keeping, and flexible working, simple.

    4. Protects patients, and your business

    You can protect yourself from potential insurance claims and compliance risks by leveraging our system, which allows you to insert batch numbers and expiration dates.

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    Batch numbers play a crucial role in tracing the production history of the medicine and can be instrumental in tracking a medicine if any problems arise.

    In the unfortunate scenario of a client experiencing an unexpected side effect from a treatment or if there’s product recall due to defective batches, having all this information meticulously documented empowers you to take prompt and informed action.

    Especially for practitioners who are just starting out, the fear of making mistakes can be overwhelming. Our system addresses this concern by providing a comprehensive record-keeping solution that not only enhances patient safety but also offers documentation for insurance claims and supports compliance, all while providing peace of mind.

    5. All in one place

    By keeping all the information in one place, such as in our system, practitioners have a comprehensive view of their patients’ treatment history. But that’s not the only win.

    You also don’t have to spend time transferring photos from one system to another. When you take photos using Pabau during the patient journey, they automatically show up in the client card, so there’s no issue of having to transfer it from one system to the another. You take a photo on the iPad, it immediately syncs in the client card, and you can plot on it.

    This makes patient information is always safe and secure, because it doesn’t have to be more. And another plus, it keeps personal and professional life separate and organized.

    You can use the injection plotting tool on both desktop version of Pabau, and the iPad.

    6. Stock management

    Keeping track of injectable stock levels is crucial to running a successful practice.

    Pabau simplifies this process by connecting the injection plotting feature of Pabau and your injectables stock.

    For example, if you administer 0.5 units of JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ to a client, this would be automatically updated in your stock, so you’d have 0.5 less available.

    This integration offers complete control over your inventory, providing visibility into how many units are used in each treatment.

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    With this feature, you can anticipate when you need to next place an order, preventing the inconvenience of running out of injectables. You can even set these to trigger as reminders in Pabau.

    Pabau’s inventory tracking feature eliminates the need to manually count the number of vials you’ve used at the end of treatment, which helps to the risk of inaccuracies and errors. In other words, it streamlines the inventory management process.

    7. Helps with compliance

    Pabau’s injection plotting feature is carefully crafted to adhere to the strict guidelines of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), prioritizing the protection of patient privacy and data security.

    Here’s how Pabau ensures compliance with our system and Injection plotting feature:

    1. Secure data handling: Patient data, including injection details and treatment records, is safely encrypted and stored on Pabau’s servers. These servers are located in secure data centers that follow stringent data security protocols, reducing the risk associated with alternatives like printouts or digital file uploads.
    2. Access controls: Access to client data and injection plotting records is limited to authorized personnel within your practice. This restriction is enforced through user roles and permissions, offering an added layer of security compared to other methods.

    By using Pabau’s injection plotting feature and our secure system, practitioners avoid the risks associated with less secure alternatives like printouts or manual digital file uploads.


    Careful documentation of treatments is essential for any med spa and beauty salon.

    A great injection plotting tool helps to streamline the record-keeping processes, accurately documenting units, recording batch numbers and dates, and automating a vital part of your stock management process, which all works together to save you time each day.

    Pabau’s injection plotting feature is really robust way of empowering practitioners to feel confident about record keeping. With Pabau, you gain a strategic ally in your pursuit of easy documentation and the delivery of outstanding client care.

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