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    Generate new clients for your practice by using Pabau Marketing toolkit

    Clinic software is essential to the success of medical practices and healthcare providers.
    To retain your existing clients, you will need to demand hard work and dedication from your staff and also use your software to its full potential.
    While it is important to maintain a relationship with your existing patients, it is equally important to grow your practice and add new clients. Of course, there are the usual ways to achieve this, including marketing techniques, but there is much more you can do when using a practice and clinic management system like Pabau.

    Pabau has a full Marketing toolkit that can help you turn your clinic into a marketing powerhouse:

    # 1 Create user-friendly website and set up online booking system

    Your website speaks for you, your professionalism, practice, responsiveness and business overall. Use your website to host your online booking system.
    The Pabau online booking system will save you time and effort by letting potential customers book 24/7.
    Your online booked appointments will have the same reminders and attachments as your appointments that are booked from the clinic. You can take deposits for these appointments too, automatically.

    #2 Create a targeted audience lists

    Pabau can provide you with targeted lists directly from your account so you can always reach the perfect audience. These targeted lists include all your clients who will book through your online booking system.
    Apart from this, you can either import the leads from an excel file and create a specified list or create leads manually. An example of this would be a group of potential clients that attended an open evening.

    #3 Send campaigns to build relationships

    Pabau’s effective campaign channels can help you generate revenue and nurture leads by sending warm email campaigns.
    You will get an all-in-one email campaign creator that ensures smarter marketing with professional email templates (over 100 templates are included), easy design tools, and proven deliverability.

    #4 Send SMS Campaigns

    From Pabau, you can send targeted SMS Campaigns to promote your special offers, announce some news or fill last-minute availability.
    Now you can choose from already on-demand SMS Campaign templates for different occasions.

    #5 Create promotional vouchers.

    Pabau’s vouchers and gift card tools will increase your sales by sending the people specific promotions and discounts directly to their email addresses or phone using either newsletter or SMS Campaigns.

    #6 Reward your clients

    One of the easiest ways to generate more leads is through referral marketing. The Pabau referral marketing function can reward any of your clients if they refer a new client to you.
    You can also set a message/reward for the new client. The trick here is to get the value of the points exactly right.

    #7 Give loyalty points

    The Pabau Loyalty Point system is a great marketing tool. With this system you can reward your clients for performing certain actions.
    This technique has been proven to increase sales for many companies.
    You can give clients loyalty points based on how much they spend, which service they’ve booked in for, what product they purchased, amongst other things.

    #8 Engage on Social Media and Connect

    Once you have the leads in the Pabau CRM, you can use social media to talk, connect, engage and find out more about what they want.
    With Pabau, various Integrations with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin you can create Custom audiences directly to your Facebook Business Manager, Instagram Custom Audiences or LinkedIn Matched Audiences and then use them for detailed targeted ads to generate new clients.
    Additionally, you can create Instagram or Facebook Page posts when you launch a new service or product, or when you receive a review or feedback.

    #9 Run surveys

    Surveys are one of many marketing messages that you can use to use to engage your customers.
    With Pabau Smart Surveys you can choose from unique survey templates and send them certain customers.

    #10 Reviews

    Reviews help you establish a trusted brand with powerful client feedback.
    You can collect reviews and boost credibility to gain potential customers.
    With the Pabau Marketing Plus feature, now you can keep all your reviews in one place.

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