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    How to maximise your time when starting a part-time aesthetics business

    How to maximise your time when starting a part-time aesthetics business

    When you’re setting up a new aesthetic business alongside your current career as a nurse or doctor, time usually isn’t on your side. There’s so much to do, so many tasks to complete, jobs to be done and work to juggle, that you’ll often find you don’t have enough hours in the day. 


    You want to focus on building your new business, setting up your clinic and attracting new clients, but you still have other important responsibilities with your job.


    Your time is incredibly valuable. You don’t want to waste it. 


    You’ll need to maximise your time as much as possible when starting a part-time aesthetic business, so that you get more from less. 


    Less time and less effort, more jobs completed, more clinic tasks boxed off. 


    6 strategies to help you meet your goals 

    There are several different strategies you can deploy to make sure you’re spending your time wisely, including: 


    1. Setting clear goals 
    2. Planning ahead and getting organised 
    3. Prioritising tasks 
    4. Automating repetitive or time-consuming jobs 
    5. Outsourcing work to others
    6. Using clinic management software 

    So where do you start? 


    1. Set clear goals so you don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks 


    Your first time-saving priority, before you start any work on your new business, is to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. 

    Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for your business, and use them to guide your efforts. Think about exactly what treatments you want to provide, how you’ll brand your business, and how many clients you’d ideally like each week. 

    The clearer your goals, the clearer your path to achieving them. 

    That’ll help you stay on track, and stay focused, so you can make the most of your time. 

    If you have any new ideas, or think you might need to do something different, refer back to your goals. Will they help you reach them, or will they be a distraction? 

    If it’s the latter, you’ll know you can ignore those tasks and focus more time on the ones that will get you where you need to be. 

    2. Plan ahead and get organised so you can be more efficient   

    Having clear goals will help you plan ahead, another important way to maximise your time when you’re balancing a part time job with a new business venture. 

    The more organised you are, the more efficient you’ll be. 

    With a clear idea of all the different tasks needed to set up your business, you can start grouping them together. You’ll realise it’s easier to do all your client admin on one day and all your product ordering on another. You’ll see how you can combine your marketing efforts to kill multiple birds with just one or two stones. 

    You’ll realise that when you plan ahead, you’ll have more time to sort everything out that needs sorting.

    If you’re looking for a list of all the tasks, planning and organisation you’ll need to do to set up a new clinic, our Ultimate Guide to Starting An Aesthetic Business is a great place to start.


    3. Prioritise tasks so you don’t forget the important stuff 

     Not all jobs are created equal. While getting that flower display just right for your reception desk is a lovely thing to do, it’s not the kind of task that will make or break your clinic’s success. But finding the right payment software for your reception desk could make all the difference.

    Similarly, you could choose to spend hours and hours posting content on social media, but if you only have a few followers, that content won’t go very far. Instead, spend time developing a strong brand message, with lots of strong product offers that are sure to grab the interest of anyone who sees them. 

    When you’re starting – and running – your new clinic, it’s important to prioritise tasks based on their importance and impact. 

    Big, important tasks like planning your treatments, implementing marketing campaigns and booking clients in should always be tackled first and foremost. Anything that can directly make your clinic money needs to be prioritised. 

    Other tasks can wait. When you have some free time, you can then choose to tackle those low impact tasks, like filing paperwork, following up emails or sending newsletters. 

    Or you could use clinic management software [link to definitive guide page] to take care of those tasks… as you’ll see. 

    4. Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on important jobs


    Many of the tasks you need to do to ensure the success of your new aesthetic business will be tedious. They will be simple and straightforward, but they’ll take time. Time you could put to better use elsewhere. 

     So if you don’t need to oversee those tasks personally, don’t. If you’ve done the same exact task two or three times already, do you really need to do it 100 times more? 

     That’s where automation comes in. 

     Clinic management software can help you automate all those repetitive jobs like:

    • Sending the same reminders and notifications
    • Sharing the same follow-up and after care emails 
    • Promoting clients to book appointments to complete treatment courses
    • Scheduling social media posts and sending marketing emails 
    • Updating stock details 
    • Organising weekly rotas 

     By streamlining repetitive or mundane tasks, automation improves efficiency and gives you time back to spend on more important jobs. 


    5. Outsource and delegate work to others so you can focus on business-critical tasks  

    Just like planning, prioritisation and automation, outsourcing is all about using your time more wisely. 

    The mantra for outsourcing is that if someone else can do it faster, cheaper or more effectively, give that task to them. 

    So when you’re setting up your new business consider: 

    • Turning to marketing experts to help with your branding, messaging and new client acquisition 
    • Using accountants to streamline all your financial set up 
    • Getting family to help paint and furnish your clinic 

    And when you’re running your new clinic on a part-time basis, think about how a receptionist or junior staff member could take care of the day-to-day admin, so you can focus on expanding the business. 

    Of course, you might not need a receptionist with the right clinic management software. You might be able to outsource a lot of our daily duties to automated processes and efficient programs, freeing up more time without the cost of hiring. 


    6. Invest in clinic marketing software 


    It’s clear that if you really want to maximise your time when starting a part-time aesthetic business, there’s one investment you can’t live without. 

    Clinic management software. 

    The right clinic management software helps you save time by automating and streamlining many of the essential tasks needed to run a successful aesthetic business. Tasks like:

    • Taking online bookings and scheduling appointments
    • Recording and managing client information
    • Sending reminders and follow-ups 

     If you haven’t looked into this kind of software yet, or you’re not aware of its full benefits, then here’s everything you need to know about clinic management software

    As we’ve seen, the right software can save you huge amounts of time, which is essential when you’re running a clinic on a part-time basis, often on your own. 


    How clinic marketing software can help

    With clinic management software supporting you, you’ll find it ten times easier to: 

    Book and schedule appointments 

    Add online booking tools to your website, link calendars to appointment scheduling and eliminate all that manual admin overnight. You can also use software to send appointment reminders automatically and request deposits without you lifting a finger. 

    The results? 

    • More client bookings
    • More revenue 
    • Fewer unnecessary phone calls
    • Fewer missed appointments
    • Less admin and more time saved

    Time you can put to good use. 

    Record and manage client information 

    Store all your client records digitally, in one place, so you never need to waste time searching through paperwork, filing cabinets or multiple computer files. You’ll also be able to quickly update and amend client details. 

    The results? 

    • Quicker access to client records 
    • Fewer data errors 
    • More up-to-date information 
    • Less admin and more time saved

    Time you can put to good use. 


    Send reminders and follow-ups 

    Automate emails, texts and notifications to your clients, reminding them of appointments, encouraging them to book again and sharing important aftercare information. You’ll also be able to personalise messages based on treatments and client details. 

    The results? 

    • Better client journeys 
    • Better client care 
    • Fewer missed emails and appointments
    • More bookings 
    • Less admin and more time saved

    Time you can put to good use. 

    Maximise your time with clinic management software 

    Clinic management software will help you streamline all your business processes so you can focus on delivering better care and a better experience to your clients. 

    Whether it’s taking online payments, integrating referrals, comparing before and after images or any of the dozens of ways clinic management software helps you run your business more efficiently, one thing is certain.

    It will save you time. 

    Time that you need when you’re starting an aesthetic business alongside your current job. 

    Time that you can use to get your clinic set up and make sure it thrives. 

    The key is making sure you find the right software – and that’s where our definitive guide to clinic management software will help. 

    Or you could just see for yourself exactly how software like Pabau can do it all, reducing all your admin and maximising your free time, so you can do more of what you love – in your job and in your business: treating patients. 

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