How do you become an aesthetics practitioner, nurse or therapist?

    Do you want to become an aesthetics practitioner, nurse or therapist? Do you want to expand the range of treatments you offer and deliver more value for your clients?

    Do you want to set your own aesthetics business? 

    You’ve come to the right place. 

    One of the first steps to opening your own practice is making sure you have the necessary skills and qualifications to be an aesthetics practitioner.

    Our blog post covers all the details on regulations and training requirements, while this simple guide will help you map out your journey to becoming a qualified aesthetic provider. 

    It will give you a general idea of the route you need to take to set up as a fully-trained aesthetic practitioner. Just remember it’s a general approach, and there are several different options and pathways to consider. 

    Start with asking yourself a simple question: 

    Do you have a medical qualification

    Next steps:

    Download The Ultimate Guide to Starting an Aesthetic Business to discover the next steps you’ll need to take to set up your own clinic or practice.

    Looking for more advice and guidance? Visit the Aesthetic Business Hub.

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