10 Pabau features that improve the online booking experience for clients

    If you had to wait on hold forever just to book an appointment over the phone, wouldn’t you look for alternatives?

    Nowadays, convenience and efficiency have become increasingly important in our daily lives. 

    From ordering groceries online to booking flights with a few clicks, we’ve come to expect seamless, user-friendly experiences when engaging with businesses. 

    Did you know that 83% of US adults prefer booking their trips online? But, it’s not just travel; businesses in the service and hospitality industry, like restaurants, gyms, aesthetic practices, salons etc. are embracing this digital shift.

    One significant way they are doing so is by incorporating an online booking feature into their operations. According to GetApp’s research, more than 70% of consumers prefer booking appointments online. 

    Plus, 41% of them would be more inclined to choose a service provider that offers online bookings over one that doesn’t.

    Online booking = Improved customer experience

    Having top-notch practice management software can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting the client experience.

    A good online booking system should help clients book appointments quickly, conveniently, and at a time that is suitable for them – not convenient for the clinic. If you want to make it simple for clients to book, pay, reschedule, and rebook appointments then an effective practice management software is the way forward. 

    Let’s dive into the world of practice management software and see how it can help you to create an A+ client experience.

    What is an online booking system?

    An online booking system, often referred to as an appointment scheduling system, is a digital tool designed to streamline the process of scheduling appointments or reservations. 

    It serves as a bridge between service providers, such as healthcare practices, salons, gyms, spas, or any business that operates on an appointment basis, and their clients or customers. 

    This system enables clients to book appointments or services conveniently over the internet without the need for direct phone calls, emails, or physical visits.

    Why do clients prefer an online booking system?

    An online booking system is a valuable tool for your aesthetic practice or salon.

    Here are some key reasons why an online booking system helps to boost the client experience…

    1. It saves time

    Traditional appointment booking can involve a lot of back and forth.

    It often involves clients having to phone a clinic, perhaps having to sit on hold, or wait for a call back. In other words, multiple back-and-forth phone calls or emails to find a suitable time slot. Not great for the client, or for you! With an online booking system, this process becomes automated, creating a much smoother ex

    2. It offers efficient booking and organization

    An online booking system streamlines the appointment booking process, reducing the likelihood of double bookings or missed appointments. This ensures that your practice can efficiently allocate time slots and resources for each treatment, leading to better organization.

    3. It’s accessible 24/7

    Clients can book appointments online at any time, day or night. This accessibility greatly enhances convenience for clients who may not be able to call during business hours, making it more likely for them to book appointments with your practice.

    59% of the respondents in GetApp’s research stated they were frustrated with waiting on hold and the inconvenient office hours related to scheduling appointments by phone.

    4. It offers valuable data and insights

    An online booking system is a tool that allows us to better understand your preferences and needs. By gathering data on appointment trends, busy hours, and your client’s favorite services, you can create a more tailored experience for your clients.

    For instance, if you notice that your botox services are gaining popularity during the evenings, you can adjust the staffing levels to ensure you have more availability during those hours. Alternatively, if you find that a particular service isn’t as well-known as it should be, you can focus your marketing efforts on bringing it to your attention.

    5. It increases client retention

    Booking systems often include valuable features, such as appointment reminders, thoughtful follow-up emails, and automated satisfaction surveys. 

    These tools are all about ensuring your client’s experience is top-notch, as well as your satisfaction with your practice.

    6. It offers a user-friendly experience

    During the consultation, it’s super important to conduct a thorough skin assessment. This assessment, which takes into account things like medical history and specific skin issues like acne or dryness, helps you figure out the best treatment for your client. 

    One key part of this assessment is the Fitzpatrick scale for skin color and tanning ability. It’s not just about planning the right treatment – it also helps clients get to know their skin better and understand what it needs for better skin health.

    10 powerful Pabau features that improve the client booking experience

    1. Multi-channel booking

    Enhancing your online booking experience means meeting your clients where they are, on the platforms they’re using. If your clients are spending their evenings browsing on Instagram, it’s essential for you to be there too, readily available at the touch of a button, not waiting for them to make a call during a busy workday.

    With Pabau, we offer you the flexibility to book appointments seamlessly through multiple channels. 

    You can integrate your online booking platform powered by Pabau into your website and social media profiles, making it easier for your clients to access your services. This not only caters to clients who prefer online booking but also enhances your visibility in search engine results, ensuring more people discover your services.

    2. Categorized services for easier navigation

    To make your life easier, Pabau has introduced service groups and categories. Using this new feature, you’ll “pathway” your clients to streamline their appointment booking experience.

    This feature eliminates the hassle of clients having to sift through a long list of services to find what they need. Instead, your clients can quickly navigate the booking process by selecting specific service groups and categories.

    For example, if they’re interested in booking a consultation, your Pabau online booking system will allow you to organize your service, so your clients can easily identify and select the relevant category or group.

    This structured approach simplifies the booking process for you and our staff, reducing confusion and saving valuable time.

    3. Improved filtering system

    In addition to service groups and categories, Pabau’s online booking system also incorporates an enhanced filtering system. This filtering system provides clients with even more precise control over their booking choices. 

    Clients can use filters to refine their search based on various criteria, including location, availability, price range, or specific preferences. For example, if they’ve booked with you before, the system can automatically display the clinic location you visited last time, simplifying the booking process and ensuring a consistent and convenient experience.

    With this improved filtering system, clients can effortlessly find the exact services they need without sifting through irrelevant options. It ensures that clients have a seamless and efficient booking experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    4. Easy to view appointment slots

    Pabau’s online booking system breaks down your practice’s calendar into easily distinguishable morning, afternoon, and evening slots so that it’s easy to find the next suitable availability, at a glance.

    Your clients won’t have to endlessly scroll through a cluttered schedule, or call and email you for available slots that might get booked by the time you reply to them. They can quickly identify when appointments are available and when they’re not. 

    This feature streamlines the booking process, allowing for better appointment management and a more efficient use of resources. It makes the booking process with your practice efficient and stress-free for clients while enhancing your practice’s operational effectiveness.

    5. Reassures clients using social proof

    What are other clients saying about their experience with you? If a potential client is a little unsure or hesitant then seeing  a great review from another client can help to reassure them and nudge them along the booking process. 

    That’s why Pabau has integrated reviews into our online booking platform, so you can build trust and confidence with your clients and their choice of your practice. C
    lients will have the chance to see authentic feedback on your service and individual staff members, which can help to reassure them that they’re making a great choice when booking with you.

    This feature is also fully customizable, so if you’d prefer a clean look, you can simply toggle it off. 

    6. Self-serve appointment management

    Still requiring clients to phone up to cancel appointments? You may be hurting the overall booking experience.

    Pabau makes it easy for clients to self-manage. Using the client portal, your clients have the flexibility to make changes that suit their schedule, whether it’s rescheduling due to unforeseen circumstances or simply wanting a different time slot. 

    They can efficiently cancel, reschedule, or even book new appointments at their convenience, ensuring that their experience with your practice is as convenient and adaptable as possible.

    7. Cross-selling during the booking process

    Upselling with Pabau boosts sales value, but cross-selling adds to the full package. Pabau has the ability to offer personalized recommendations for retail products, packages, bundles, and additional services that perfectly complement the treatment your client intends to book. 

    Let’s say a client is keen on scheduling a laser skin rejuvenation session. Pabau’s system guides and suggests a tailored skincare package, such as serums and creams that you sell. Your client leaves with not only a rejuvenated complexion but also a newfound skincare routine.

    It’s a win-win situation: your clients leave feeling delighted with their comprehensive experience, while you see a noticeable increase in your average revenue per booking.

    8. Integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems

    How you enable clients to pay has a big impact on the overall booking experience.

    Pabau’s integration with point-of-sale systems ensures that your clients have a hassle-free and secure payment experience. 

    With this integration, your clients can pay in advance, giving you and them a peace of mind that their appointments are well-reserved. It’s a win-win situation, as you also get to reduce the number of no-shows ensuring efficient use of your resources. 

    Plus, this system simplifies financial tracking by providing a central hub to monitor and analyze your expenses and revenue, offering you valuable insights for better financial management and decision-making.

    9. Smooth online experience (no iframes)

    An iframe is an HTML element that embeds external web content, like YouTube videos, Google Maps, or social media widgets, within a webpage while preserving its design and structure.

    One of our biggest upgrades on Pabau 2 is we advocate for our clients to reconsider the use of iframes when managing online bookings on their websites.

    Iframes are not inherently bad, but there are three compelling reasons why we encourage our clients to avoid them: 

    1. Content Breakage: At times, these iframes can be a bit finicky, causing content to ‘break’ and not display correctly.
    2. Mobile Compatibility Issues: They often fall short in the realm of responsiveness, rendering a less-than-optimal user experience on mobile devices.
    3. Tracking and SEO Limitations: From the perspective of tracking user behavior and optimizing your site for search engines, iframes are far from ideal.

    So, what’s the alternative we propose? It’s simple yet effective: ditch the iframes and opt for a more seamless approach. We recommend redirecting your ‘book now’ button to your practice’s online booking platform

    By doing so, you create a separate web page that ensures a smooth and hassle-free booking experience for your visitors. It’s a win-win situation, enhancing both user satisfaction and the performance of your website.

    10. Designed for busy clinics

    Pabau excels effortlessly in managing the high demands of this fast-paced industry, ensuring your clients never experience any inconvenience. 

    It simplifies the process of overseeing multiple practices. From configuring and coordinating various locations to assigning services, it enables your practice to maintain a professional and consistent brand image, work effortlessly at various locations and eliminate any client confusion regarding their appointments at the wrong place.

    Key takeaway

    Embrace the digital shift of the world by incorporating Pabau’s online booking system at your practice. 

    Pabau will not only save time and offer efficient booking and organization but also provide 24/7 accessibility for your clients’ convenience, offer valuable data and insights for tailored experiences, and increase your clients’ satisfaction and retention. 

    Pabau creates a user-friendly experience enhancing your practice with features like multi-channel booking, service group categorization, improved filtering, and easy appointment slot viewing. 

    Integration with POS systems simplifies payments, while avoiding iframes for online booking can improve the client journey and your webpage’s SEO. 

    Pabau, in particular, is designed for busy clinics and offers extensive customization options, ensuring a seamless and tailored online booking experience for both businesses and clients.

    So, if you want to elevate your customer experience and stay ahead in the digital age, it’s time to explore the benefits of online booking systems like Pabau.

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