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Website Developer (PHP)

Join a motivated team of developers.


Hey, your first impression was great. Now it’s time for some action. With the following assignment, you can show us what you got. The case tests your competencies regarding development and gives us an idea of how well you come up with solutions.

You have 24 to 48 hours to complete the assignment. If no completion date has been agreed on with you, try to complete the assignment within a week (if your interview is very soon – do your best, we won’t be sad if you don’t bring your assignment, however it certainly helps).

Put your code on GitHub (or Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc.) and send us the link to your repository where we can find the source code. That means no ZIP files.

Please make sure that we can run and test the code on our computers by including a readme.


You will need to create a basic WordPress website for an imaginary company. It will be enough to create just one page, where you will present your styling skills.

Feel free to keep it simple as we are not looking for a designer, as long as our website looks nice.

You will need to embed a form for creating a lead. Make sure the form looks nice and is responsive. The form should be built following the article, more precisely the part of Adding a lead by API.

Please send us login credentials and also the export of the database.

You will need the following data:
API Key: MTIzMDka02efd5b36cb3a55fccc71d09e036a31

You'll Get Points For

The functionality of the app

Good styling of the application

Responsive website

Usage of your own styling, not some build-in theme

Bonus Points For

Git flow (multiple branches, commits, merges)

Use of JQuery and AJAX