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Patient Management

Make managing your patient information simple, and stress-free

With all the tools you need for robust record-keeping, you’ll never worry about managing the patient journey again. Plus, you can log in and securely access your records from any device, anywhere, for easy, flexible working. 

Digital Client Records

Customisable Consent Forms

Before & After Images

Automated Pre/Aftercare Emails

Digital Client Records

Stay in control and on top of your clients’ essential medical information with Pabau’s built in Electronic Medical Record. It’s the quick and simple way to securely store all their health details, photos, consent forms and lab results.


Banish all those physical consent forms

Ditch the paperwork, the filing cabinets and the “where on earth is that form I need?” for a digital record system that securely stores all your client consent forms in one simple place. Just search and view whenever you need them.

Add treatment notes, photos and documents in seconds

Create specific treatments notes for every client visit and upload documents and treatment photos directly to your clients’ individual records. Add as many as you like and share with your clients via email at the click of a button.

Access important health information with one click

Need to see that medical history questionnaire? Want to check your client’s vaccine history? Want to review requested lab tests? It’s all at your fingertips, all linked to your client, with Pabau’s EMR.

Create, save and send prescriptions

You can even use Pabau to create and share prescriptions via email with your clients… or you send them straight to their designated pharmacy. And if your clients want access to their treatment notes, it’s quick and simple to share them.

It’s the simple, secure way to store your client’s essential information

Customizable Consent Forms

Consent forms don’t need to be time consuming. Make them a seamless part of your new client process and you’ll never need to think twice about them. Especially when they’re automatically shared and saved.


Match your consent forms to your clinic’s brand

Stay on-brand by designing custom consent and medical forms that promote the look and feel of your clinic. Change colours, fonts and logos with Pabau’s easy-to-use Web Form Theme and keep all your forms consistently appealing.

Customise fields to get the info you need

You decide what information you need for each treatment. Create your own questions using open text fields, checkboxes, or drop down options so your clients can quickly and easily complete your forms. If they need to save and return later, they can.

Get updates and notifications on client progress

If you’re waiting for specific information from your client, use Pabau to trigger email or SMS alerts when a question is completed. And with form submission notifications, you’ll always know if a client has finished their form ahead of their treatment.

Speed-up and streamline consent form admin

Pabau automatically populates fields in consent and medical history forms with known information from your client cards, eliminating pointless duplication. Or it adds info from your clients forms directly into their client cards… making life a whole lot easier.

It’s never been easier to complete consent forms

Before & After Images

Before and after images record the powerful transformations your treatments provide. Pabau makes it powerfully simple. Just snap & click to capture your amazing work.

Get perfect images every time

Pabau’s built-in stencils help you perfectly align your images every time you want to take a photo, so you get exact before & after comparisons that look incredible.

Keep precise records the injection point

When you take a photo, use Pabau’s included image markers to pinpoint the precise location of the injection, add the dosage, and keep a record of every part of your treatment.

Upload and save directly to your client’s records

Every image you take using Pabau is automatically uploaded and saved to your client’s records, so you can review and share with your client whenever you like.

Showcase your value with side-by-side comparisons

Wow your clients with the results of their transformation – and encourage repeat bookings – by seamlessly sliding between their before and after images to show the massive difference!

Streamline and simplify before and after case studies

Automated Pre/Aftercare Emails

You could spend hours sending pre-treatment instructions and aftercare advice to clients… or you could eliminate all that manual work and use Pabau to automatically send emails when an appointment is booked and a treatment completed.

Create or edit templates for all of your treatments

Make your own pre and aftercare templates from scratch or use Pabau’s pre-set, ready-to-be-sent templates. It’s quick and easy to edit any information you want.

Attach medical forms and other important documents

Pabau also makes it super simple to add medical forms and upload more detailed aftercare explainer documents. Your clients will always have the information they need.

Match specific emails to specific treatments

When you have different pre and aftercare instructions depending on the type of treatment, Pabau makes sure your clients automatically get all the relevant information.

Automate your follow-up aftercare process

Simply edit the email templates you’d like to send, match them to relevant treatments, then Pabau does the rest. When a treatment is booked or complete, Pabau steps in automatically.

Ditch those repetitive admin tasks