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Reporting Software for Clinics and Medical Spas

Get clearer, simpler insights for smarter, easier clinic management

If you don’t know exactly what’s happening in your clinic, you can’t make effective changes to help you grow. Success needs a crystal clear understanding, which is exactly what Pabau delivers. Effortless reports, analytics and clinic insights – all at your fingertips.

Automated, Customisable Reports

Customisable Dashboards

Comprehensive Analytics

Multi-Site Management

Targets, Trends & Graphs

Product and Service Specific Reports

Automated, Customisable Reports

When you want to understand client numbers, treatments booked, revenue earned and all your other day-to-day figures, you’ll want those reports right in front of you at the click of a button. Or better yet, without even needing to click. That’s why you’ll want Pabau.


Choose from over 150 pre-built reports

Pabau comes with hundreds of pre-built, pre-set reports that gather every key piece of information every clinic manager needs. You don’t need to think about what analytics you might want when Pabau has all the data to hand.

Customise the data and insight you want

But if you want to get really specific about your clinic’s analytics and customise the data you collect and report on? Pabau can do that too with a few simple clicks.

Add filters to drill down into key info

When you need to get granular with your clinic reports, just add filters. They help you segment data and drill into specific numbers for a simpler, clearer understanding.

Save and schedule reports for easy access

It’s quick and easy to save, schedule and share reports with Pabau. Set your preferred filters once, save your custom reports and schedule them to run as often as you want. And if you want to send the results to colleagues, just hit share.

Discover the super helpful analytics you never knew you had

Customisable Dashboards

If you want to monitor your clinic’s performance and success, you need to see the numbers. You need the data and analytics right in front of you. Right on your dashboard, every time you log into Pabau. Simple.

Build your dashboard your way

With Pabau’s easy-to-customise dashboard you can add as many insight and information tiles as you want, dragging and dropping to change the order so you always have the most important figures right in front of you.

Add reports, appointments, insights and more

Use Pabau’s dashboard to get a clear and instant oversight into your day, your revenue and your clinic’s overall performance. Add upcoming appointments from your diary, schedule custom reports and check in on your latest sales.


Don’t run your clinic in the dark. Shine a light on your operations

Comprehensive Analytics

Whatever you want to know about your clinic, Pabau has the information already available. Just click to reveal the essential numbers, statistics and insights into how your clinic is performing.


Uncover clear, instant clinic insights at the click of a button

Multi-site Management

Managing multiple clinics shouldn’t mean multiple headaches. All your data doesn’t need to be separated, confusing and out of date. Not when you use Pabau. It collates all your insights into one single place, in real time, for quick, clear analysis of every site.

Streamline data collection, analysis and reporting

Pabau brings all your data from multiple locations into one, easy-to-use system you can access from anyway. Use it to review both organisation-wide and individual site performance, with reports that are easy to view and easy to download.

Search, filter and review by location

Want to drill into the results from a specific clinic? That’s quick and easy with Pabau too. Just search for locations to run targeted reports or apply adjustable filters to dig into key metrics from each individual clinic.

Stop being overwhelmed with multi-site clinic management

Targets, Trends & Graphs

It’s not always easy to understand the numbers and metrics that help your clinic succeed. Not unless you can clearly visualise your performance with graphs and reports that help you benchmark past and future results. That’s the kind of visual reporting you get with Pabau.


Review your data with clear, simple visual charts

If you’re not a fan of numbers, Pabau’s graphs and charts are the perfect way to dig into your clinic’s data. Get a clear, visual overview of key figures, key trends and key performance with just one click.

Easily monitor trends and set targets

Track all your visits and bookings, identify big spenders, pinpoint your most popular treatments and get a regular insight into how your clinic is doing. With quick, simple visual reports, it’s easy to plan improvements and make sure you reach your goals.

Get the key performances insights that help you plan for a successful future

Product and service specific reports

Every clinic is different. You want to run your business your way and generate the reports that are most relevant to your treatment types and clinic practices. Pabau gives you that complete flexibility with a host of product and service specific reports to support your success.

Review medical outcome reports

Keep a keen eye on all your medical form submissions, check all essential information has been completed and get a highly effective overview into the most common client answers. Pabau helps you track and report on all medical data in your system… so you can follow up where required.

Check end of day takings

Stay on top of your all clinic finances with Pabau’s simple end of day reports that collate all your daily receipts and invoices into a single, easy-to-review format. Double check revenue, dig into specific information and apply filters to see exactly how successful your day was.

Get instant clinic snapshots

When you need a quick, simple overview of your clinic’s performance at any given moment, Pabau’s clinic snapshots are the answer. With scheduled reports and financial insights right in front of you, it’s the quick, simple, effortless way to understand the health of your business.

Ditch all the effort and confusion in understanding your clinic’s performance