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Treat more patients, without a drop in care quality

Pabau’s all-in-one practice management system will make your regular tasks faster, so you can focus on treating patients as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Key Features for
GP Clinics

Our specialized clinic management software helps you to achieve more, with less work.


Go paperless with digital client records that capture everything you need to know—from intake forms and allergies to treatment notes.


Send professional letters quickly, with merge tags, templates, and even AI assistance.


Order labs from within the CRM using our integrated lab providers and receive the results digitally fot instant connection to the patient record.

GP Clinics
use Pabau to:

Effortlessly manage complicated patient records

Provide excellent communication to patients

Ensure accurate compliance with every treatment

Treat more people in less time without compromising their care

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Navigate digital records with ease, automate intake forms, streamline your treatment notes, and diagnose with internationally recognised precision. Our EMR suite is designed to put the focus back where it belongs—on patient care.

All your patient information is in one secure place

A secure, centralised hub that provides a snapshot of crucial patient details, from medical history to medications and lab results. Every team member can have tailored information for their role, empowering you to stay compliant effortlessly—all through our user-friendly interface.

Use appointment time for care, not admin

Send your intake forms ahead of the appointment and customise them to your needs with our pre-made industry templates. As patients fill them out, their records update automatically to their client card—keeping you focused on care, not admin.

Easily create clear, standardised medical notes

Speed up your documentation process with our intuitive treatment note templates. Designed for consistency and packed with prepopulated patient and appointment details, they’re super easy to complete, sign, and store.

Avoid repetitive typing with one-click

Insert commonly used phrases in an instant, with a single click, and maintain consistent, clean records without the hassle. It’s about doing more with less effort, so you can give your patients the attention they deserve.

Integrated SNOMED codes for easy, standardised diagnostics

With Pabau’s SNOMED integration, you can easily use these internationally recognised medical terms and codes for crystal-clear diagnoses. Whether manually entered or auto-pulled from medical history, this info is highlighted in patient cards and triggers instant alerts for letter-writing or prescribing medications.


Send letters in minutes with Pabau’s integrated Letter system. Pull data from your CRM client record and stop wasting time typing the same information over and over.