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CRM Software for hair transplant clinics

Transform your clinic management overnight

With Pabau’s all-in-one software for hair transplant clinics, you’ll cut admin time, streamline tasks, improve client care and make managing your practice a whole lot easier.

Don’t lose your hair over stressful admin and time-consuming processes

Pabau’s clinic management software is tailored specifically for hair transplant clinics like yours. It’s designed to help you eliminate unnecessary tasks, simplify admin processes and deliver better care to your clients at every touchpoint.

Ditch all the paperwork and spreadsheets

Automate repetitive tasks, reminders and aftercare

Save hours of admin time every day

Simplify online bookings and payments

Improve client comms and patient journeys

Grow your hair transplant clinic - effortlessly

Less effort, more time. That’s what Pabau’s all-in-one hair transplant clinic software delivers.

When you’re running a busy hair transplant clinic, the more time you can spend with clients the better. You want to be delivering outstanding advice, treatments and care… not manually bookings in consultations, remembering to send reminders and searching through files of paperwork.

Pabau helps you do just that.

Everything you need to Run, Market, Manage and Report on your hair transplant clinic’s success

Forget the complicated CRMs. Ditch the multiple logins, URLs and apps. Pabau delivers everything you need to run, market, manage and report on your hair transplant clinic’s success all in one place, with one highly effective piece of software.

It’s the only tool you need to convert clients, improve patient care and grow your business.

Run your clinic your way

Schedule consultations, take bookings and payments 24 hours a day, and customise forms, communications and reminders any way you’d like. Pabau streamlines every piece of day-to-day admin, so you get more time to talk with, treat and support your clients.

From crystal clear overviews of your day to no-show protection, it makes running your hair transplant simple and effective.

Market your hair transplant services more efficiently

The key to successful hair transplant clinic marketing is ease. Easy for your new and existing clients, easy for you and your team. Pabau makes marketing simple.

Send emails and text messages straight from your dashboard – seamlessly integrated with your client data. Automate follow ups, recalls and reminders. Build loyalty, encourage referrals, get instant feedback and reviews, all in one place… and keep your pipeline full.

Manage your staff more effectively

Smooth, successful hair transplant clinic operations rely on more than just you. Your team is integral to your growth, and you need to support them effectively without adding to your already stacked workload.

That’s where Pabau helps. Your team uses our system seamlessly to manage their workloads, and you use our system to manage them. Stay on top of schedules and holidays, set permissions and track their performance to keep everyone on the same page.

Report on exactly how your clinic is performing

Get the insights and analytics into your clinic’s success you’ve always wanted… and those you never knew you needed. All in one place, all with one simple-to-use dashboard.

Automate and customise your reports any way you’d like, to give you instant, daily updates into performance across your entire clinic. From lead generation to product sales, multi-site bookings to your clients average value, Pabau does it all.

The essential clinic management features every hair transplant practice needs

Instant online bookings

Why rely on receptionists’ availability when your clients can book a consultation any time they want? Set preferences your way to screen clients, request deposits and eliminate no-shows.

Bespoke patient portals

Give your clients full access to all the essential documents and forms they need, all in one place… so they never lose vital information. Link with lab test results, prescriptions and referrals to share key medical advice.

Integrated before and after

Never forget to take a before or after picture to showcase those incredible hair transplant results, with reminders and prompts built directly into your software. Snap and assign straight to your client.

Seamless consent form management

Stop worrying about consent forms and medical history, when Pabau can automatically check everything is taken care of. Set up forms your way, automatically remind clients to complete, and store digitally so they’re always easy to find.

Fully customisable patient journeys

Got specific procedures for your treatments? Need regular check-ups and follow-ups? Want to create multiple touchpoints for your patients to support their hair transplant journey? Just add, edit and automate with Pabau.

Automated reminders and aftercare

Fed up of manually sending reminders for follow-up consultations or repeating the same after care instructions again and again? Streamline and automate all your communications - and make sure nothing is missed - with a few simple clicks.

Try out all of Pabau’s features - designed for hair transplant clinics just like yours

Why choose Pabau?

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CRM software built specifically for clinics

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Easy to switch from any other provider

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Get started in minutes with a super-simple set up

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Simple, intuitive interface for crystal clear oversight

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Perfectly scalable for small clinics and large chains

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The smarter way to manage all your admin

Transform your hair transplant clinic management with Pabau