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Enhance your hair clinic's efficiency and treat more patients

Enhance operational efficiency, increase revenue, and offer exceptional patient care with Pabau’s powerful features. Our integrated platform makes it easy to manage everything from initial enquiry to post-surgery care in one place.

Hair Restoration Clinics use Pabau for:

Manage their patient records paperless

Attract and convert more leads

Create detailed quotes that can be paid online

Create a patient journey tailored to their clinic

Paperless Client Records

Say goodbye to paper files – keep all your patient data and interaction records under one, simple and secure centralized patient card that can be easily accessible from any device.

A 360° View of your patient at your fingertips

Access complete patient profiles effortlessly, including personal information, medical history, and detailed treatment records, available anytime, anywhere.

Pre-appointment intake forms

Allow patients the convenience of completing intake forms on their own time. The data is automatically integrated into their patient profiles, ready for your consultation or treatment.

Tailored treatment planning

Use customisable templates to develop standardised and streamlined treatment plans and notes, ensuring each patient receives personalised care without adding more admin.

Efficient form management with pre-built templates

Import your existing forms or choose from our wide range of pre-built templates designed for various treatments, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Customised treatment journeys for your hair clinic

Develop unique care pathways for your hair restoration surgeries with Pabau. Automate treatment schedules and follow-up tasks, ensuring a consistently high-quality patient experience with minimal manual effort.

Booking Calendar

Pabau’s calendar is the heartbeat of your hair restoration clinic. It provides key information at a glance and its intuitive design facilitates easy management of appointments, enhancing your clinic’s operational flow.

Effortless scheduling, online or in-clinic

Integrate our user-friendly online booking widget into your clinic’s website, enabling patients to schedule their hair restoration consultations at their convenience. Manage bookings seamlessly, whether online, over the phone, or in person.

Save time and prevent no-shows

Remind your clients of their appointments with automatic SMS and email reminders and see your no-show rates drop.

Connect with your patients anywhere with Pabau Telehealth

Hair restoration goes beyond the surgery room. Streamline the running of your clinic with video consultations, pre-op prep and one-to-one aftercare with Pabau’s Telehealth.

Secure your appointments with deposits

Implement deposits and reduce those damaging last-minute cancellations. Choose flexible deposit options for different services, maintaining control over your hair clinic’s scheduling and revenue.

Handle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat

Handle the demands of a busy hair restoration clinic seamlessly by minimising and switching between screens without losing any work.

Customizable calendar views

Customise your calendar view by room, practitioner, or location. Use various views and filters to manage your hair restoration clinic’s calendar more effectively.

Lead management

From enquiry to consultation, you can efficiently capture and nurture leads using our integrated lead management. Our smart features and automation guide potential clients on their journey to becoming happy customers, keeping it all in one place.

All your leads, organised and accessible

Easily access key details like lead age, source, and owner, enabling more strategic and effective follow-ups.

Visualise your lead conversion journey

Use the Kanban-style pipelines to visually track your leads’ progress. Tailor the stages to fit your clinic’s services and create specific pipelines for different locations.

Detailed lead insights

Dive into each lead profile for comprehensive insights into their interactions with your clinic. Effortlessly create activities, send personalized emails or quotes, and convert them into clients.

Streamlined lead capture

Embed our lead form on your website, or link your existing forms with a webhook, for a centralized and efficient lead management process.

Pre-consultation assessment

Enable your prospective patients to upload their photos via the lead form, so you can easily assess their case before they even set foot in the clinic (coming soon)

Optimize marketing effectiveness

Analyse your marketing strategies with lead source reports. These insights offer a clear view of your marketing ROI, aiding in the refinement of strategies to attract and retain more clients.


Showcase the transformative journey of your clients with Pabau’s advanced photography features. From the initial consultation to the final results, document each step with clarity and impact.

Create impactful before and afters easily

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use drag-and-drop functionality to craft compelling before-and-after images and show the success of your hair restoration surgeries.

Document the path to fuller hair

Showcase your clients’ progress over time, illustrating their journey towards a fuller head of hair.

Showcase transformations with flair

Use the comparison slider to overlay before-and-after photos, dynamically illustrating the progression and effectiveness of hair restoration treatments.

Exceptional detail in every image

Highlight every detail of your surgical success with high-resolution photos featuring pan and zoom capabilities.

Effortless and secure sharing

Celebrate and share your clients’ transformations with high-resolution before-and-after images, enhancing their satisfaction and your clinic’s reputation.

Pre-care & Aftercare

Create your own or use our templates to craft beautiful pre-care and aftercare instructions, ensuring that your patients are thoroughly informed and comfortable throughout their hair restoration journey.

Automated pre-care guidance

Send automated and customised pre-care instructions and help your patients prepare for their hair restoration surgery. These instructions integrate seamlessly into digital patient records, ensuring easy access and efficient recording.

You can also link medical and consent forms for your clients to complete from the comfort of their homes.

Show your instructions with a video

Sometimes words are not enough. Create video content and show how your patient needs to look after their scalp post-surgery enhancing patient comprehension and adherence.

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Save time without sacrificing quality by using our library of pre-recorded aftercare templates. Link them to your services for efficient and effective patient communication.

Create clear and engaging instructions

Emphasise key points with bold fonts and bullet points, making your guidelines more effective and easier for patients to follow.


Offering clear and detailed quotations is crucial in the decision-making process for hair restoration surgery. Use our quotation builder to show a transparent breakdown of costs, inclusions, and payment terms, ensuring clarity and trust.

Create quotations from the client card or appointment

Generate detailed quotations for hair restoration surgeries using Pabau’s intuitive system. Follow the step-by-step instructions and add the service details, terms, and prices, allowing patients to view and pay online.

Tailor to your clinic’s branding and policies

Customise every aspect of your quotations, from brand colours to specific payment terms. Templates automatically incorporate appointment and patient details, offering a personalised and professional presentation.

Efficiently track quotation statuses

Keep track of all your quotations in one location. Easily monitor which quotes are active and their current status, facilitating effective patient follow-ups and financial management.

Share with a Click

Sharing quotations is effortless. After creating your quotation, share the web link via email or copy and paste it into a message, making it super easy for your client to approve and pay.

Simplified online payments

Enhance the convenience for your clients with direct payment links. This feature simplifies the payment process, allowing for quicker and hassle-free transactions.

Other features loved by
Hair Restoration users


Elevate lead conversion and patient engagement with stunning email and SMS campaigns

Reports & Analytics

Gain deep insights into your clinic's performance with detailed reports and intuitive dashboards

Staff Management

Manage your team's rota and productivity and enhance your clinic operations and staff satisfaction.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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