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Save voice notes and turn them into letters you can print – and send – in seconds.


Don’t waste hours every week typing up letters and medical notes.

Use Pabau’s voice-to-text feature to help you:

Reclaim your time. Swap manually typing out letters for simple dictations and save over an hour each day.

Stay organized. Keep your voice notes at your fingertips in the client card, available on any device.

Be compliant. Store your voice notes safely and securely in the patient record, which is only accessible with the right staff permissions

Work from anywhere – our cloud-based software works from wherever you are.

Save time, boost revenue, and have more time to focus on clients

Save seven hours a week

Wave goodbye to time-consuming manual letter-writing tasks that kill your efficiency. Use dication and instantly free yourself up to do more of what you do best: delivering great client experiences.


Effortlessly handles medical terminology

Concerned that our dictation feature will be able to identify specific medical terminology? Don’t be. Because it’s powered by OpenAI – also known as ChatGPt – it recognises whatever you throw at it. Industry-specific medical terminology included.

Role-based access control

Pabau’s dictation feature is built into the client card (also known as EHR) which is only accessible by staff with the right permissions. The result: you can be confident that your voice notes stay 100% confidential. No more recording voice notes on WhatsApp.


Built into the system for ease of use

Don’t want to have to juggle another tool alongside the rest of your tech stack? We hear you. With Pabau, dictation is fully integrated into the system alongside hundreds of features. Because everything is in one place, you only need to learn one system, not 10.

Turn voice notes into letters (in seconds)

Don’t just save voice notes on the system, turn them into letters to your patients. Simply save your recording as a letter and it’ll organize your words into a formatted letter that’s ready to print and send in seconds, all using the power of PabauAI!

Available on any device

Do you work at different clinics on different days? Do you do home visits? As a cloud-based system, Pabau’s dictation feature can be used at any time, on any device. It works with your schedule, so you can dictate letters wherever you are.

See the dictation feature in action

How it works

Click on the + button in the client card

Head to Dictation and start recording

Either save your voice note or turn it into a letter

Use PabauAI to write and send your letter in seconds!

More features

Deposits and no-show

Customizable consent

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails


More features

Deposits and no-show

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails

Customisable consent


Who it’s for

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Voice recognition software in healthcare refers to technology that converts spoken words into text. This can be used for multiple purposes in a healthcare environment, such as letters and treatment notes. Essentially, dictation helps to save time by reducing manual work.

Not yet. However, we’re working on this and hope to add this feature soon.

It depends on what you need it for and what your budget is.

A lot of medical dictation software out there is a stand-alone product. This means you have to pay a monthly fee for it – on top of what you’re paying for all of your other software. Additionally, it also means you have to connect it to your existing tech stack.

With Pabau, everything is all under one roof. The medical dictation feature is just one of hundreds of features that have been designed to help clinics and private practices save time and grow their business. Any dications are accessed and safely stored in the client card so you always have them at your fingertips, whenever you need them.

Pabau is a practice management software designed for GPs and MDs, medi aesthetic and med spa practitioners, and other healthcare professionals. Our software is built to handle the end-to-end patient journey, with online booking, forms, EMR, reporting, and more.

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