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Keep track of all appointments and effortlessly schedule your staff, all from one place

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Have a clear overview of all booked appointments and staff schedules with the calendar feature

Here’s how Pabau’s calendar feature helps you plan your schedule and run your clinic like clockwork:

Quick and easy scheduling of appointments with all the details you need. Send pre-care and post care, consent forms, automatic reminders and review requests

Avoid scheduling conflicts – make both rooms and equipment bookable

Reschedule appointments in seconds with simple drag and drop functionality

Effortlessly switch between day, week, and month views for a crystal clear overview

Save time, boost revenue, and have more time to focus on clients

Appointment scheduling, the easy way

Schedule appointments quickly and easily in seconds.

We’ve thought of everything to make appointment scheduling as simple as possible… while also helping you capture the detail you need. Add custom notes, allergy alerts, request patch tests, set repeat appointments, and more – all from one place. 

If you need to reschedule an appointment, just drag and drop the appointment to the desired time slot and you’re done!


See your staff schedule, at a glance

Eliminate schedule headaches with a clear and customizable view of your staff schedule.

Switch between day, week, or month view, and filter by employees to see who’s available and when. This simplifies your scheduling workflow, and provides your team with all the information they need about shifts and scheduled appointments.

Avoid scheduling mistakes with bookable rooms and equipment

Tired of double bookings? Pabau’s calendar is designed to handle the needs and demands of busy med spas and healthcare businesses. That’s why you can make rooms and equipment bookable and eliminate scheduling conflicts.

The result? Everyone has the resources that they need, when they need them. Say goodbye to scrambling to find available rooms or the right equipment during appointments.

Automated appointment reminders, with a click

Forget manually sending out forms and reminders. In just a click or two, you can set up all the automated client confirmations and reminders that go directly to your clients.

Send confirmation and reminder emails and SMS, pre-care and post-care instructions, and feedback requests all from the calendar. All fully automated, all done at the time of booking. This not only reduces the risk of missed appointments but also frees you up from the time-consuming task of manually sending reminders.

Manage multiple locations with ease

Does your clinic operate across several locations? No problem! Pabau’s calendar lets you create and manage individual schedules and bookings for each location, all within the calendar.

You can easily switch between locations to view staff schedules, appointments, and room availability – or choose to view everything for all locations. Pabau simplifies scheduling for multi-location clinics, keeping everyone informed and in control

Check your daily appointments and their status

Get a clear, real-time overview of your entire day using the confirmation manager tool. See all your upcoming appointments for the day, including whether they’ve confirmed – or not.

This quick and easy access to crucial details empowers you and your team to manage your schedule, chase up the clients you need to, and ensure a smooth flow throughout the day.

Create your own custom calendar view

Effortlessly switch between day, week, and month views to get a quick view of your schedule. Work part-time? Filter by working days only – perfect if you’re in-clinic a couple of days a week.

You can also swap between employee view and room view and filter by specific days, employees, locations, or appointment statuses to create a fully customized view of your upcoming appointments.

There’s also a privacy toggle to protect client details.

See the Calendar feature in action

More features

Deposits and no-show

Customizable consent

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails


More features

Deposits and no-show

Automated pre-care
and aftercare emails

Customisable consent


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You can save hours every week by using the Calendar feature. By automating tasks like scheduling appointments, having all the necessary information in one place, setting automatic reminders, and more, you can focus on providing excellent service to your clients instead of spending time on administrative work.

Absolutely! Our calendar is designed with a user-friendly interface so anyone in your team can get to grips with it quickly. It also works in real-time, so you don’t have to wait around for changes to reflect in the system. It makes scheduling appointments, managing staff schedules, and communicating with clients effortless.

Yes! Our calendar offers a high degree of customization. Switch between day, week, and month views, and filter by specific criteria like staff member or location. This allows you to personalize the calendar view to suit your clinic’s needs.

Yes, Pabau Calendar allows you to block out specific times for breaks, meetings, or personal time.

Absolutely! Pabau offers no-obligation demos to showcase the features and benefits of the system. This allows you to see how Pabau can streamline your scheduling process and improve your overall clinic operations first-hand.

Simply head to the blue button on the top right to schedule yours.

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