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Frequently Asked Questions

Your paperless journey begins hereBrowse below for all the information you need to get started on your Pabau journey.

Booking your Demo

Want to see how Pabau Clinic Management Software looks and feels? Our free demo enables you to enjoy our software’s benefits for free! No commitments and no credit cards needed!

It’s so simple! All you have to do is press the red button that says FREE DEMO, and a form will instantly pop up. Just fill-up the form with your name, phone number, business name, and email and click GET DEMO, and you’re all set. We will then send the demo link to your email.

Our FREE demo usually takes around 45 minutes, but may take longer depending on the questions that you may have.

We want to guide you in every step of the way, so we don’t want to send you lengthy text guides nor promotional videos, unlike the others. We usually do the FREE demo via Google Hangouts or Teamviewer. We can also come to your clinic for a personal demo during your free time, if you allow us.

Growing with Pabau

Absolutely, yes! We know how essential it is that your staff knows how to use Pabau. We can come to your clinic or office for a training sessions – or book into our daily sessions for free Isn’t that amazing? Just tell us what you want and we can arrange that.

Pabau is not some complicated software; All a person needs to have is basic iPad or computer knowledge. If you are still worried, we can come to your clinic for an on-site training session when your new employee starts, and we will teach him or her the basics. Our goal is to make everyone comfortable and confident with our software, so we teach on a personal basis, as gradually and as simply as we can.

We are well-aware of the possibility that you may be having some internet connectivity issues along the way. If this happens, you can use mobile internet from your mobile phone and turn on your portable hotspot, so that your iPad or computer can access mobile internet and can work as usual until stable internet is back. You can also access your patient data, diaries, calendars and schedules through the Pabau Go mobile app.

With Pabau, you don’t need to install additional software, as it runs on its own! Pabau also stores data on the cloud, so you can access it from any device. The Pabau app is available at the Apple app store; you can download it on your mobile phone or iPad!.


Pabau offers a very hands on service, unlike some of the other’s out there. We know you’re busy, so we don’t offer a free trial and expect you to work all that out for yourself. We are very much side-by-side in the launch. We can, however, take you through a full demo of the product at a time that suits you, so you can see what we are all about before you buy.

Our FREE demo will make you discover that using a tool such as Pabau that can save you time and money. Pabau saves your time in the clinic by working on your client appointments and schedules, so that you can focus on the things that matter to you the most, like family and relationships. Keep up to date with our latest updates and training webinars to get the most out of the software.

As we have explained before, Pabau is a unique medical software because it is not just an electronic health record. It is also a financial/billing software, appointment scheduler, patient marketing software, personal calendar, alert system and employee management software! All these are rolled into one efficient medical software that can handle more data than any other product.

You can install the medical app or software by yourself, as it is so easy to use. However, we can help with the installation for you if you want.

Switching to Pabau

You may have used paper records previously. The problem with paper records is that they are easily destroyed, lost, and they accumulate space in drawers, so you cannot store them for more than a lifetime. Pabau enables you to create electronic medical records that you can store in the cloud so you can access it even after many years! Confidential data is also kept secure in the cloud.

Yes, we have helped more than 1,200 clients from their old systems. These clients are now happier with Pabau than ever before!

See how good we really are

Get a personalized demo of our clinic software
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