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How Pabau helps Ageless Enhancements save 10 minutes per patient + operate over two locations

Liz Riley is the owner and director of Ageless Enhancements med spa, which is based in Massachusetts in the US. 

Recently, Ageless Enhancements added medical weight loss to the list of services they offer, which prompted them to require a more robust electronic medical record software. 

They also needed to operate over two different locations – something their current software struggled to do.


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Key feature:


The problem

Their online scheduler was confusing

Liz used an online scheduler for bookings. While this had the functionality for patients to book in two different locations, in reality, it just didn’t work – and it ended up causing problems.

Often the client wasn’t clear about which location they were choosing. They would lead to them turning up at the wrong clinic, which was often wasn’t even open at the time. Even though it wasn’t her mistake, Liz felt that it was damaging the reputation of her business.

It was very frustrating because you felt, especially if the office was closed, they would feel that it wasn’t a legit med spa.

Granted, it was their mistake, but it wasn’t an easy system. You felt like it was your fault basically.

Pen and paper were untenable

Liz used pen and paper for medical records originally, but as the practice grew, this became untenable – especially with having two locations. If Liz needed to see one client in one location, but also see them in another location, it was hard to keep track of their charts.

The final push Liz needed was when she expanded the services they offer and added medical weight loss services. She now needed to be able to check things like cholesterol levels, A1C tests for diabetes, kidney function and, of course, lab results.

Once I decided to add different services into my practice, I needed a system that could handle the paperwork, the labs, and all the other different documentation that comes with that.

How Pabau helps small to medium med spas

Store and manage detailed digital medical records

Work seamlessly across multiple locations

Reduce the time it takes to check a patient in

Stay compliant with robust documentation

Why she chose Pabau

Liz had previously looked into several different electronic record systems, but most of them didn’t have the features she needed. And often, they needed her to set up her account as two completely different businesses.

This time, though, Liz came across Pabau. She liked the fact that it had really excellent reviews – almost five stars – so she signed up. And when she saw the system she was delighted.

The whole system looked great. I feel like Pabau is set apart from the other systems because it’s very user-friendly. The layout, accessing the chart, everything was very simple.

There’s a good flow to the system, especially the iPad for the patient journey in the clinic.

The results

Solved their multi-location problem

Pabau instantly solved the problems Ageless Enhancements were experiencing. It enabled them to seamlessly work across multiple locations and removed the confusion with clients turning up at the wrong place.

With Pabau, it was great because the first question that they ask when patients are booking an online appointment is ‘Which location are you looking for?’

It reduces no-shows

The notifications in Pabau helped Ageless Enhancements reduce no-shows.

Now, patients receive multiple alerts about upcoming appointments, including text messages. With features that enable patients to self-serve and rearrange or cancel appointments themselves, it’s a less high-touch process for staff.

The notifications in Pabau have definitely helped reduce no-shows. They can reply to an email or do it on their own through the online scheduler.

Saves them 10 minutes per patient

The biggest result Liz has seen from using Pabau is time.

It’s now very easy to check in a patient and make sure they have all the right documentation before their appointment and as a follow-up afterwards.

The fact that all the consent forms and the medical charts can customized is also really helpful. She can add what she needs, leave out what she doesn’t, and create something that works for her practice.

Pabau has reduced our time in the office by, I would say at least 10 minutes per patient. So from the old system compared to the new system, it’s been a huge time saver.

Enables them to work from anywhere

There are now multiple users of Pabau in the team at Ageless Enhancements, including a registered nurse and three nurse practitioners.

They really like the fact that Pabau is cloud-based, so they can take it with them on the iPad wherever they go. This gives them the flexibility to work from the clinic or even go and visit clients in their homes.

You can take it anywhere. So even if we have a different office or if somebody needs emergency Botox in their home, you have it right in your iPad so you can really take it anywhere with you. It’s very easy and versatile.

Acts as a prompt and guide for staff

Another one of the features they found really valuable is the patient journey on the iPad that you go through when a client arrives for their appointment.

Not only does it ensure everything is stored on the client card, it also reminds your staff to go through all the steps. For example, the before and after photos are all done as part of a workflow, linked to the medical records.

It’s a nice reminder. You check the patient in, you do your consent form, and then it automatically pops up with a photo button. So we found that very helpful because it reminds you to take the photo if one of your clinicians forgets.

Helps them stay compliant

The detailed electronic medical records and the patient journey all work together to help Ageless Enhancements practice in a safe and efficient way.

They needed a system that would enable easy documentation and safe patient care but was also efficient, easy for the patient to use, and easy for the clinician to use, but has all the features that a medical record should have.

Pabau ensures they’re ready for anything.

Pabau is storing your patient information and saving that for future visits, lawsuits, patient and provider protection.

Key takeaway

Liz Riley, Ageless Enhancements med spa

Everything you need in one

Pabau enabled Ageless Enhancements to improve their online booking experience and create a new way of working that is better for patients, staff, and the business as a whole.

“I would recommend Pabau to anybody in aesthetics practice, internal medicine practice, or any aspect of medical care. I’ve actually already recommended it to a friend of mine.”

“It’s an easy system to use. It’s very thorough and has all the features that you need in one.”