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How Esho Clinic setup their patient database for scale, to allow the launch of multiple sites​

The Client: Esho Clinic

Over the years, Dr Tijion Esho has come to be recognised for his talents in aesthetic medicine.

With clinics in Wimbledon, Newcastle and Dubai, he is now an award-winning cosmetic doctor and an industry leader in the art of non-surgical procedures. Very well known as a go-to expert for many media outlets and journalists regarding the topic of non-surgical procedures Dr. Esho has become one of the most well-known and celebrated aesthetic doctors and has graced the front covers of prestigious publications such as The Times Magazine.

The Client: Secret Enhancements

Dr Tijion Esho
Founder, Esho Clinic

When did you open the Esho clinic? What was the idea and story behind it?

‘’The ESHO Clinic was founded with the aim of creating a unique patient experience that would provide anti-wrinkle injections, dermal filler and advanced skin treatments. Dr Esho started his journey working for the NHS in plastic surgery. Following this Dr Esho sought to begin his own practice in 2013 using a fold-out bed in a rented small space within a spa. As his popularity grew, so did his client base, and Dr Esho opened his first clinic in Newcastle, then in Harley Street, London, Wimbledon, and Dubai. Today, he is an award-winning cosmetic doctor and an industry leader in the art of non-surgical procedures.’’

What made you look for a software solution?

As Dr Esho’s appointment base grew, we needed a secure way to book appointments and maintain important data and information about current and prospective patients. We needed software that was targeted to doing this so that we knew it would make the running of our clinics seamless.

What were the main qualifications that you were looking for on a software?

We needed an efficient system that allowed us to store relevant contact details, detailed information, treatment plans for our patients. This is extremely important for the patient’s safety. We also needed this to be a practical system which could be used easily by different members of staff in various clinics as well as ‘on the go’. Moreover, we wanted a system that would allow us to book appointments and view schedules clearly and easily.

What made you choose Pabau as the software to operate your business?

Pabau seemed to offer all of the main qualifications we needed in software. Additionally, it allowed us to directly contact patients from the software, which was important as our clinics are very busy. Additionally, it also assisted in other areas of our business such as marketing, stock and staff rotas. Pabau also allows us to create personalised templates, important documents such as consent forms, send confirmation texts and emails, as well as aftercare information post-treatment.
This allows us to keep in touch with our patients every step of their ESHO Clinic journey no matter which clinic they visit, ensuring the best possible experience for both our patients and staff.

How has Pabau helped you develop your company and reach your goals?

Pabau has allowed us to develop our company by creating a central database that all of our clinics and staff can see. This has made it easy for staff members at different locations to communicate regarding patient requests/needs which has been extremely important to us as we now have various locations and hope to continue expanding. We have also had new staff members recently join us and therefore have noticed how easy it has been to manage this on Pabau. Additionally, the current pandemic has also really highlighted how Pabau assists us in reaching our goals. The system has made it easy for us to contact our patients and keep them up-to-date on the status of their appointments and the different guidelines they now have to adhere to when they do visit us.

Moreover, we have been using mailers throughout the period to keep our patients informed regularly of any guideline changes and also updates to the Esho brand. An example of this being, how quick and easy it was to inform all of our patients about Dr Esho’s recent product launch on QVC. Pabau also allows us to give patients the freedom to book online. This has made sure it is both convenient and easy for both prospective and current patients to view our prices and available dates. Overall, the system has assisted us in developing the company in many areas and we hope to continue to use it further the more we grow over time!

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