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Featured Use Case: Owner/Practitioner

How investing in Pabau helped this former NHS doctor create a seamless patient experience

Dr Jordan Faulkner is the founder and lead injector at Allo Aesthetics, a company he founded two years ago. Allo Aesthetics offers a range of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures across London and South Yorkshire, and Dr Jordan now mentors five other injectors.

When Dr Jordan first launched his business, he was using paper notes and an Excel spreadsheet for bookings. But it was killing his efficiency, as client follow-ups and making sure everything was documented was really time-consuming.

He decided to invest in practice management software early on and because of that was able to free up a lot of headspace so he could focus on the most important thing for his clinic: delivering exceptional client experiences.

The problems Allo Aesthetics were facing

Leaving behind NHS systems

One of the challenges Dr Jordan found in moving from an NHS role to setting up his own aesthetics business was leaving behind the established system and processes for bookings and documentation.

Using pen and paper

Dr Jordan was using a combination of pen and paper for his medical notes and an Excel spreadsheet for keeping track of bookings.

But neither of these methods was working.

He was having to write all his notes on paper, which meant printing out all of his forms and then uploading them afterwards. There were also issues in storing those notes safely. Additionally, he was using an Excel spreadsheet to track which patients he needed to follow up with.

“All of a sudden you’re left without that and you’re using paper notes and self-made online booking systems, which are clunky and take a lot of time and aren’t designed for purpose.”

“I was using a standard Excel sheet for bookings. As you can imagine, that meant that every single day I had to be totally conscious in terms of making those follow-ups and making sure that I didn’t let anyone down.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

The breaking point

Having to work on Christmas Day

The breaking point that pushed Dr Jordan to switch to a practice management software was over the festive break. He wasn’t able to relax and unwind as he wanted because nothing was automated and he was concerned about clients not getting the right communication at the right time.

“Even on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I was having to log onto my laptop and check which patients I had seen 14 days prior and send them a message to make sure that they got the appropriate information.”

But the instinct is to pull back on costs

A lot of people moving into the aesthetics industry are still working in the NHS while they’re launching their business, so they’re already wearing two hats and juggling two jobs. It’s tempting in those early days to muddle through and just manage as best you can, rather than invest in software.

“I wanted to be able to sit back and know that that was automated and done for me, without patients feeling like they were let down.”

“Your instinct at the start of creating a business is to try and pull back on costs and things like IT software, but actually that’s quite shortsighted. By investing in something like that, it frees up your time to focus on those more important things.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

How Pabau helps owner/practitioners

Seamlessly transition from an NHS role with existing systems and processes

Manage the whole business from one all-in-one system

Automate manual tasks, save time, and focus on the client experience

Create a standardized approach to care that can be scaled

Why Allo Aesthetics decided to use Pabau

Dr Jordan had done his aesthetics training with Interface Aesthetics, a training academy that facilitates aesthetics training for doctors, nurses, and dentists. They used Pabau on the course, so when it came to choosing software, it was the first name he thought of.

Interface pointed him in the right direction and he hasn’t looked back.

“I became aware of Pabau very early in my aesthetics career. It was only later down the line when I wanted to reinvest some of the profits that I’d made in the company that I thought, right, I need to look more professional, everything needs to be a little bit more streamlined.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

“The best thing for me with Pabau is that all of these separate functionalities are integrated into one system. Having all of that integrated into a chronological system takes away so much of the brain power from the clinician.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

An all-in-one system

Instead of having to juggle different systems, using Pabau has meant that all of the functionalities Dr Jordan needs are now under one roof. Now, he can manage the end-to-end patient journey in one place.

He can book the patient in and know that they automatically receive their pre-care, consent form, and medical screening, and that’s already uploaded for when he sees them in the clinic. 

On the day, Pabau prompts him to check that the consent form is signed appropriately, to upload appropriate medical imagery, and add a note of what he does in the clinic.

Pabau also sends the aftercare and scheduled follow-ups, including:

  • A follow-up email with aftercare instructions for their treatment
  • A scheduled follow-up two weeks later to make sure they’re happy
  • A follow-up three months later to check if they’re still happy

A standardized approach to care

Having brought in other injectors to work as part of his brand, Pabau has helped Dr Jordan create a standardized approach to patient care.

All of their clients receive the exact same pre-care and aftercare instructions, no matter who they see in the clinic. This has meant that even as he’s scaled up his team, patients have the same experience.

From a brand perspective, Allo Aesthetics looks and feels cohesive, with everyone on the same page.


“When I started Allo Aesthetics, I eventually began taking on other injectors under my brand and we worked together as a network of injectors.
Now, we all use Pabau with the same set systems, the same pre-care, same aftercare.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

Forms customized to your business

Another win for Dr Jordan is the high level of customization Pabau offers.

With hundreds of pre-built forms already available on the system, Dr Jordan could simply edit and customize them as he wished to make sure everything represents the way he practices as a clinician. He was able to:

“One of the key things when you first set up Pabau in your clinic is personalizing your forms. You want to make sure that all of the medical forms, consent forms and the pre-care and aftercare are worded exactly how you’d like them.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

The impact on his team, and the impact on his clients

The impact hasn’t just been on Dr Jordan.

The whole team is feeling the benefit of being able to spend less time on admin tasks and more time where it really matters – patient care.  Now, that’s where they can focus their time and energy, not afterwards writing notes and making sure everything is stored correctly.

Having Pabau has also helped to elevate how the business is perceived. 

But the way that patients receive automated emails, at the right time, helps to demonstrate that the team at Allo Aesthetics have everything set up and sorted as a business. 

“My team and I feel like a lot of pressure is taken off now that we’ve got Pabau, compared to previously where everything just took a lot more admin.”

“One of the key benefits that we’ve seen since implementing Pabau is the perception of the professionalism of the business. It just makes us look much more in tune with our patients.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

The results

Having everything he needs in one system has been a game-changer.

Typically a booking system, the ability to write medical notes and take medical photography and look at financial reports would all need separate software. But integrating all of them into one simple and effective place makes things much easier for him and his business. 

It probably comes as no surprise that he would absolutely recommend Pabau to other practitioners who want to open an aesthetics business.

“It takes off a lot of the pressure around logistics and note-keeping. It also gives you a platform to keep all your notes in a perfectly safe manner in accordance with the guidelines.”

Dr Jordan Faulkner

Founder and Lead Injector, Allo Aesthetics

The simple way to help your staff manage their clients