Cliniko vs Nookal
vs Pabau

What software is the suits your needs better – Cliniko or Nookal?

Looking for some assistance in picking the ideal scheduling software? We’ve got your back. We compare Cliniko and Nookal to help you make a decision. And, just to keep things interesting, we’ve brought another name into the mix – Pabau!

What does Cliniko do?

Cliniko is practice management software based out of Australia that makes running an allied health clinic quicker and easier and frees up your time to focus on treating your patients. 

You’ll find secure, cloud-based features that’ll help you to manage your appointment scheduling, online bookings, patient records, treatment notes, communications, and more. They also donate a minimum of 2% of all customer subscription fees to charity.

What does Nookal do?

Nookal is an allied health clinic practice management software system that helps practitioners and therapists grow their clinic. It will help you automate bookings and payments online, send reminder messages, easily write clinical treatment notes, manage staff scheduling, and more. 

Made for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, psychologists, and others. Nookal works with everyone from single practitioners, to multi-location clinics, to national brands.

What does Pabau do?

Pabau is an all-in-one clinic management software specifically designed for medi aesthetic clinics. With clients all around the world, it provides everything clinics need to reduce time spent on admin, improve the patient experience, and attract new customers.

Because it’s purpose-built for beauty and healthcare businesses, Pabau has key features that this client base will find particularly valuable.


Let’s start by breaking down the pricing in Cliniko, Nookal, and Pabau…


Cliniko has six different pricing tiers which are dependent on the number of practitioners. For one practitioner you’ll pay £29 a month. This increases incrementally to the priciest tier which is between 26-200 practitioners and costs £259 a month. 

Every plan will get access to every feature. The only additional cost is for SMS appointment reminders, which are optional and cost 5p per message. Everything is charged on a monthly basis. 


Nookal’s pricing is based on the number of practitioners. The cheapest plan is for one practitioner at £25 a month. The most expensive listed plan is for up to 20 practitioners £253 a month. If you have over 20 practitioners you’ll have to get in touch for a price.

They charge on a monthly basis and there are no additional costs – the only thing you’ll pay extra for are their SMS messages, which are 6.5p per credit.


Pabau charges a flat monthly fee. Pabau’s pricing structure is based on the number of users and every client will get access to all features in the system.

As an all-in-one system, we don’t charge extra for things such as reminder communication, data storage or client photos. The only additional costs you’ll pay are the SMS charges and advanced marketing feature, if needed. 

What are customers saying

Why Choose Pabau Over Cliniko vs Nookal Cliniko Nookal Pabau
Autopopulate patient records
Using forms to gather patient information? With Cliniko, you have to manually import this information into the system. In Pabau, it’s automated - saving you bags of time!
Pre-built treatment notes
Nookal only provides a very small number of prebuilt clinical notes on your account. Meanwhile, Pabau has hundreds of treatment notes built in that you can edit and customise to your needs.
Deposits and no-show protection
Cliniko and Pabau enable you to set up deposits and no-show protection so you don’t pay the price for customers not turning up to appointments. Nookal doesn’t have this feature.
Cliniko and Nookal don’t have a dedicated feature for creating packages built-in to the system, although there is a workaround for it in Cliniko. In Pabau, creating packages is simple.
Robust reporting
With Pabau you’ll have access to hundreds of reports so you can track, measure, and improve your business performance. Cliniko is much more limited when it comes to reports.
Book rooms and resources
Pabau will enable you to link specific services with rooms and equipment so you can avoid double-bookings and manage a busy clinic seamlessly. Cliniko and Nookal don’t have this feature.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose
Pabau Over Cliniko and Nookal

Pabau is built for medi aesthetic clinics

The best software understands you, your business, and your challenges. That's why Pabau has been built to meet the needs of beauty and healthcare businesses.

That’s why it has features that have been created specifically for this sector, such as automated pre-care and aftercare emails, electronic medical records (EMR), before and after photos, injection plotting, customizable forms, and so on. At Pabau, we get you.

100s of pre-built templates

While Nookal does have customizable templates, you’ll only find a handful on your account. What this means is that you’ll have to create all your treatment notes from scratch.

In Pabau, we want to make getting started with our system as simple as possible. That’s why you’ll find hundreds of pre-built treatment note templates in the system that are specific to a number of different treatments. All you need to do is customize them to your needs.

Robust reporting

While Cliniko is a little light when it comes to reports, Pabau will enable you to really get under the hood of your business and drill into what’s working - and what needs improving.

In Pabau, you can choose from over 150 prebuilt reports to really drill into your data. Pull all your day-to-day data in a matter of clicks and see appointments, client numbers and revenue. Plus, identify which clients regularly no-show, who your biggest spenders are, and more.

Can manage complex business needs

Working over two clinics on different days? Need to manage multiple rooms? Want to be able to take deposits specific to each service? How about automating all pre-care and aftercare communication at the time of booking so you don’t have to send it manually?

Pabau is designed to handle complex, busy businesses. And with a huge scope for customization, you can be sure we can tailor the system to suit your needs.

A documented client journey

Clinics need to collect a LOT of documentation before an appointment, right? With Pabau, you don’t have to break a sweat trying to remember everything. Simply use our app to ensure you have up-to-date health records, signed medical consents, and photos.

Not every provider has this functionality, but we know how needed by med spa practitioners. Not only does it protect the client, it also protects your business.

Customers That Chose Pabau Over Others

“After 16 years of using about 20 different client management software systems, this is the only one I can honestly say does it all, and does it all very well.”

Roxanne Merchant,

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

“Pabau is feature-rich, allowing us functionality to grow as our business needs grow, and at the same time quite intuitive to use. Competing software offerings can’t compete!”

Daniel, Doctor,

G2 review

“I’ve been in business for almost nine years. I’ve tried a lot of different software, but I was always missing some features. This software has everything that saves my time, keeps my records and medical forms in one place, and is easy to use.”

Angelina, Owner

G2 review

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