Back in Business: Guide To A Powerful Reopening

    April is finally here, and so is our eagerness to elevate, grow, and release our superpowers. With businesses across the country preparing to reopen, one of the most important questions to now ask yourself as a business owner is how to effectively re-engage your customers while implementing safety protocols that are in place to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.
    Having an effective communication plan for your clients is crucial to ensure that they feel confident that the business they’ve chosen has built a protected environment where they can safely get treated.
    To help you get ready for the big reopening, we have created a strategy with the most powerful Pabau tools which are critical to your clinic’s operation in a post-pandemic world. Follow these tips to help you spread the news and spark confidence among your clients.

    #1 Communicate Your Reopening Plans

    Now that you’re getting closer to your reopening time, it is crucial that your clients become aware of this so they can get in touch and book their next appointment with you. Many people have been waiting for so long to get their treatments, so reminding your clients that you are there for them is such a powerful move.

    We can’t think of a better way to announce these exciting news than with a striking Email campaign or SMS campaign to your client database. Tailoring a personal message to your clients will get them back through your doors the right way. Don’t forget to add some information about your COVID-19 policies and regulations. Your clients need to be confident that the businesses they chose has created an environment to which they can safely return.
    You can create your reopening content anytime with Pabau’s Email and SMS campaigns and on top of that, you can target different audiences by running detailed reports and creating lists at a glance. Our suggestion is to start with the clients who are in the waitlist and those whose appointments have been cancelled when your business was temporarily closed. Or you can send it to the whole database at once, that’s a good choice too!

    #2 COVID-19 Health Questionnaire to keep you safe

    Our COVID-19 Health Questionnaire is one of the tasks that must be completed by your clients so you and your team are aware whether they’ve had any COVID-19 symptoms or health concerns. The good news is you don’t have to waste admin time and line up your clients to complete the questionnaire in clinic. You can completely automate the process with an email that will go out when the appointment is booked, which includes the online COVID-19 Health Questionnaire that clients can complete from any device, which will then display in their patient record as soon as they fill it in. This will make both you and your clients feel more secure about the safety of your services.

    It will only take two minutes to install this form in Pabau and link it to your email confirmation template, and it will only take the client one minute to complete it.

    #3 Elevate your business with the ultimate client portal: Pabau Connect

    Today’s customers have grown up in a technology dominant environment their whole lives and what many of them want out of a practice, are the most recent technologies to meet their expectations and engage them. Pabau lets you provide an online branded experience for your clients to review their activity, book appointments, securely share information, make payments and engage with your business in so many ways. 
    We promise that setting up Pabau Connect won’t take much of your time and that you and your clients are going to absolutely love it. Currently, 57% of all Pabau users have enabled it, in comparison to 36% from the previous year. This explains the fact that nowadays all clients prefer managing their activity online and have control of their appointments and settings.

    #4 Enable Safe and Secure Online Payments

    Many of us have come to expect technology to overcome what previously was a limitation. Taking your online presence to another level, enabling online payment is a helpful tool not only for the smooth operation of your business, but also for your customers, who can pay their invoices online from any device simply by clicking “Pay Now”. The online payment settings are powered by our Stripe integration and to make things even easier clients can now pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or any pre-saved card details, all within a secure platform.

    We have built this process to work so seamlessly, that the only effort you’ll need to make is spend the money you have received in the bank 😉

    #5 Protect your business from No-Shows

    If you manage a business, then you know how devastating it can be to experience no shows. Sometimes, what you expect to be a lively day full of appointment and smiles, turns out to be a work day with lots of unnecessary gaps and wasted time just because your clients didn’t show up.  But, same way your clients prioritize they need to be somewhere else, you also have the right to prioritize your business and protect it from lost revenue, and our No-Show Protection feature is here to save the day!

    With Pabau’s No Show Protection, you can create your own cancellation policies, and if you mark an appointment as no-show, the system automatically takes the payment from that client’s saved card details, this way you don’t have to feel awkward by manually asking clients to pay for their no-show. In a world where many businesses are trying their best to survive, it is important that you do all you can to protect your revenue and respect your time.

    If you need help setting up any of these features, feel free register to our daily education webinars by going to Setup – Book Training, or reach out to our support team at [email protected]
    Thanks for reading! #BackInBusiness


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