Moving to a privately hosted server

For enterprise clients, a private server provides you the reassurances you require

If you are an enterprise client, our strong recommendation is that you are hosted on a dedicated and private server, running your own instance of Pabau.​

Your dedicated server is a hosted server that will be reserved for usage of only your clinic(s).  Private servers come with speed improvements & also allows for very quick response to server issues as well as providing a protected environment from other clients.​

Security & Speed

Private server isolates your environment from other clients, thus increasing your stability and making it a less likely target for a potential attack as well as ensuring data integrity.

Quicker incident management

In a case of an incident we’d be able to restore your previous state much faster, as the server doesn’t hold any data which doesn’t belong to you.

Your own domain

If you are hosted on your own private server, we are able to offer you a private domain to log in to Pabau.

Hacking and attacks

Although we have full protection on our main server, the benefit of being on a private server means that you are not exposed to the outside world, making your server extremely safe.