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Implant efficiency in your clinic and lift your revenue

Our all-in-one software is your clinic’s operational backbone. It frees up your front-of-house team to focus on customer care whilst empowering your clinical staff to manage the patient journey effortlessly through powerful features.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinics use Pabau to:

Create seamless patient experiences with tailored pre and post-operative care plans

Effortlessly manage patient records, appointments, and surgical plans, all in one centralised platform

Deliver flawless service in less time to increase revenue without increasing admin

Craft targeted marketing campaigns to attract and retain a loyal clientele

Paperless Client Records

No more headaches from rifling through paper forms, converting documents to digital, or fretting over missing files. With our simple, powerful and flexible system, all your client data is safely stored in a secure location, easily accessible from any device.

A 360º-degree patient view, tailored for you

The client card is your one-stop shop for every interaction your clinic has had with each client. A single click gives you instant access to all the essentials: personal details, photos, EMRs, communication logs, financials, and a whole lot more.

Customise the dashboard to focus on the information most vital to your different teams.

Streamlined intake with form automation

Save precious in-clinic time by connecting services to relevant intake forms. Clients can complete them at their leisure, and the data automatically syncs to their profile—say goodbye to tedious scanning and manual entry!

Effortless compliance and streamlined reporting

Keep track of surgical implants with custom information fields directly stored in the patient’s profile.

Use that information to create custom reports and retrieve implant data at the click of a button.

Your clinic, your forms

Designing forms has never been easier, thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Plus, if you’re looking for inspiration or a quick start, we offer a variety of pre-built templates to make the process even smoother.

Design custom care pathways for your surgical procedures

With Pabau’s customisable care pathways, you can create a journey from start to finish in a snap, automating treatment plans and follow-ups. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to consistently brilliant care.

Booking Calendar

The calendar serves as the operational pulse of your clinic. With Pabau, effortlessly manage your scheduling needs with all key information immediately visible. Whether you’re booking or editing appointments, the intuitive design lets you toggle between tasks without ever leaving the calendar view.

Online or in clinic, get more clients when they're ready to book

Seamlessly incorporate our user-friendly online booking widget into your website, empowering clients to schedule appointments whenever it suits them.

Whether you’re taking bookings over the phone, in person, or online, our beautifully designed, intuitive calendar serves as your one-stop booking solution.

Save time and prevent no-shows with automatic SMS and email reminders

Send automatic SMS and email reminders to guarantee your clients never miss their appointments, leading to a significant reduction in no-show rates.

Streamlined calendar management

Easily adjust appointment statuses to keep track of the patient flow. Handy indicator icons offer at-a-glance insights, making calendar management a walk in the park.

Secure your appointments with deposits

Avoid those frustrating last-minute cancellations that disrupt your schedule and revenue.

Want to take a 10% deposit on some services and full payment on others? With Pabau, you’re always in control.

Handle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat

Juggle various tasks seamlessly by minimising and switching between screens without losing any work.

Make it your way

View your schedule by room, practitioner or location. Switch between various views and filters to manage your calendar more effectively.


With Pabau’s advanced photography features, you can effortlessly take unlimited high-quality photos and quickly produce stunning before-and-after images.

Craft visual testimonials

Easily produce polished before-and-after images or document your treatments with multiple side-by-side images by simply dragging and dropping.

Select the most impactful images to portray surgical changes vividly. Create side-by-side comparisons to underscore your clinic’s expertise.

A timeline of transformative results

Highlight transformations over time, from the first visit to the last, by simply dragging and dropping to create a sleek and compelling progress gallery of your patient’s surgical outcome.

Reveal results with dramatic flair

Overlay before-and-after photos and utilise our comparison slider to unveil impressive results.

See every detail with powerful zooming

Say goodbye to low-quality images that can’t capture the details of your surgical procedures. Pabau allows you to take high-resolution photos that can be zoomed in and out, providing exceptional clarity.

Secure and convenient sharing

Easily share high-resolution photos with your clients and let them celebrate their results. At the click of a button, you can also showcase your expertise by effortlessly sharing before-and-after images on social media.


Inject precision into your treatment records with Pabau’s advanced face plotting feature. Map the injection points and amounts directly on a face image and watch Pabau automatically create an accurate medical summary.

Quickly create and share comprehensive letters

Use our integrated letter system to pull data from your CRM client record, eliminating repetitive typing. You can then share with your patient or their GP at the click of a button.

Create letter templates

Craft your go-to letter templates and save them in your Pabau library. Then watch as merge tags instantly populate these templates with client-specific details, making the whole process quick and personalised.

Visual clarity for complex procedures

When explaining intricate surgical procedures, an image is invaluable. Seamlessly integrate visual elements into your letters, such as before-and-after photos or procedural diagrams, for unparalleled clarity and patient reassurance.

Streamlined referrals for multi-disciplinary care

Pabau streamlines your ability to send referral letters to third-party dermatologists, anaesthetists, or any other involved medical professionals. Add their details to your client records, and instantly populate your letters with the required information.

Ai-powered documentation

Harness the advanced AI capabilities of Pabau to generate letters based on existing client data like treatment plans, medical history, and surgical specifications.

Precare & Aftercare

Guide patients seamlessly through their surgical journey.
Our customisable precare and aftercare modules keep your patients well-informed and comfortable, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Automated Pre-Care Guidance

Generate tailored pre-care instructions to set your patients up for surgical success. These personalised guidelines can be automatically integrated into digital client records, offering effortless access for both staff and patients—ensuring everyone is on the same page for optimum pre-operative preparation.

You can also link medical and consent forms for your clients to complete from the comfort of their homes.

Show, don't just tell

Sometimes words are not enough. Elevate your aftercare instructions with our video features. Choose from our pre-recorded templates or record your own and send post-operative instructions to ensure the highest level of patient understanding and compliance.

Choose from over 100 pre-recorded aftercare templates

Save time without sacrificing quality by using our library of pre-recorded aftercare templates. All you have to do is select the ones that you want, link to your services and be prepared to amaze!

Create clear and engaging instructions

Take your patient communication to the next level with our rich text capabilities. Use bold fonts, bullet points,and other styling options to emphasise critical points, making your guidelines more engaging and easier to follow.


Issuing a quotation is a powerful means to empower patients in their decision-making process. It offers a clear breakdown of service costs, inclusions, and payment conditions, ensuring transparency at every stage.

Create quotations from the client card or appointment

Effortlessly generate quotations for your surgeries or services using Pabau’s user-friendly system. Simply follow on-screen prompts to input terms, services, and prices that can be viewed and paid online.

Fully Customisable to Suit Your Clinic's Needs

Tailor every aspect, from brand colours to payment terms. Need patients to approve and sign? It’s a breeze! Your templates will automatically populate with appointment and patient card information for a seamless experience.

Centralised Quotation Management

Find all your quotes in one convenient location. At a glance, you can easily identify which quotes your clinic has open and check their current status, simplifying patient follow-ups and financial tracking.

Share with a Click

Sharing quotations is effortless. After creating your quotation, share the web link via email or copy and paste it into a message, making it super easy for your client to approve and pay.

Other features loved by
Cosmetic Surgery users


Connect with both new and existing clients and keep your calendar full with our suite of powerful marketing tools


Gain an in-depth understanding of your practice with powerful reports that enable data-backed decisions

Lab integration

Streamline diagnostic workflows with Pabau's integrated lab feature for real-time test results and insights.

I would highly recommend Pabau to other clinic’s because if you want an easy life, then this is the only patient management software to use.

Roxanne Merchant

Head of Operations, Juvea Medical

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