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Custom bespoke treatment plans and SOAP notes centred around the patients’ needs and time requirements.

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With patients often seeing more than one specialist during a treatment plan, especially for cosmetic treatments, it is essential for the success of that treatment, that your staff works in a collaborative manor. Different specialisms should be exchanging treatment notes between one another after every consolation, assessment and treatment stage.

We understand that some notes and comments are of higher importance than others, that’s why we’ve recently introduced a traffic light system to categorised notes into high, medium and low priority. Just another example of how Pabau is constantly evolvingit’spatient management software.


Each clinic is unique. Each approaches patient care and treatment plans through a different lens, and has their own priorities. That’s why flexibility is at the heart of the Pabau patient management software.

You can customise, or standardise your approach to treatment planning as you see fit. For those that need a custom approach, our software comes built in with a custom form builder. Pabau allows you to build bespoke forms to make sure you get the most information as possible from your patient - giving you a solid foundation to recommend the best treatment path your patient should take.

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Pabau logs all assessments, consultations and treatment sessions of the entire patient life-cycle from the first time they step through the door at your clinic.

Each patient has their own individual portal within the Pabau patient software. All consultation files, patient photos, historic medical records and treatment notes are securely stored in one easy-to-navigate patient record dashboard, accessible to your whole team.


  • Fantastic software and great customer support. The system works as promised and has great add-on's which help to personalize the system to suit your salon size etc. The guys are always happy to help however small or silly the problem might be. :)

    • Samuel David
  • Implemented the system in both clinics very quickly. So easy to use and the inbuilt marketing function allows me to reach out to clients by email and text seamlessly. I've used a lot of systems in my career and this is up there with the best.

    • Cavendish Clinic

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