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How PHI Clinic manages multiple clinics remotely and created an efficient patient workflow

The Client: PHI Clinic

Freedom and flexibility to do what he loves: this is what Pabau has given
to Dr. Tapan Patel. Now, no matter busy he is, Dr. Patel does what he
loves to do inside and outside of the clinic.

Dr. Tapan Patel is the director and visionary behind PHI Clinic. He is one
of the most talented and skillful injectors in the United Kingdom, as
attested by his peers, various industry experts, and his patients.

“Not only is Pabau a valuable tool, but it also brought great value to the business.”

The Client: Secret Enhancements

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Dr Tapan Patel
Medical Director, PHI Clinic

Why did you start the PHI Clinic?

PHI Clinic’s goal is to treat a wide range of skin conditions by offering the most advanced injectable treatments in London. The techniques that I use are proven to be safe and effective around the world and can also treat underlying and related skin problems.

This means that my practice is able to deal with multiple conditions that are present in a patient. I want to offer a service where patients can choose their desired results based on their medical histories.

What makes PHI Clinic different from its competitors?

The PHI Clinic is widely recognised as being one of the most excellent clinics around the world; our services are being endorsed by international specialists.

Our staff members are board-certified and have received the highest degree of training; they are also continually updating on the best practices of their profession.


What do you love most about Pabau?

Pabau makes it easy for me to live my life. No matter where I may be, at the gym or out of the clinic, I can still manage everthing on my own.

With Pabau, I have incredible flexibility and I am able to accomplish all my tasks everyday without compromising my personal activities.

Why is Pabau important to your business?

Pabau has been and is the key to the growth and success of our clinic. I am able to manage our eight locations, which are hours apart from each other, in just several clicks. I can also easily monitor all my staff members. Pabau allows me to manage the whole industry in one place, and this has been game-changing for our entire team.

“I am always researching my competitors, and I have not seen another medical software nor booking system that is as efficient as Pabau.” Tapan Patel, Owner at PHI Clinic

How have Pabau's features shaped PHI Clinic's workflow?

Our patients need assurance that we will always be there for them along the way. This is why online booking is the best option for our patients so they have 24/7 access to us.

As soon as clients book their appointment, Pabau automatically sends customized confirmations and this helps our clients be on top of their booking which has also drastically reduced no-shows in our clinic..

It also automatically sends the intake and consent forms to clients to fill online and this has reduced a lot of admin work. To us, this is the ideal workflow!

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