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Featured Use Case: Medical Doctor/Practitioner

“I thought it was too good to be true”: How Bank MediSpa used Pabau to go paper-free

Dr Ahmed El Houssieny is the founder and medical director of Bank MediSpa

Located in Cheshire, Bank MediSpa is centred around aesthetic treatments. The clinic takes a holistic approach and offers various injectable treatments as well as facials, lasers, body treatments, and wellness treatments.

Previously, Dr A was using pen and paper for all his medical documentation. However, switching to practice management software has enabled him and his team to go paperless and access the information they need anytime, anywhere.

The problems Bank MediSpa were facing

Everything was on paper

The biggest challenge for Bank MediSpa was that everything was on paper. 

Medical questionnaires and patient notes were all hard copies that had to be updated, filed, and sourced when they were needed next. Because these records contained medical and personal information Dr El Houssieny also had to make sure they were stored safely and securely.

Accessing notes at two clinics was impossible

Things came to a breaking point when Dr A started splitting his time across more than one clinic. Some of his patients saw him at clinic A one day and then at clinic B another day, so making sure he had the right patient notes at the right location became challenging.

“Whenever a patient had a follow-up appointment, you’d had to fish for the notes, make sure they were there, update them, and then store them again. It wasn’t an easy process.”

“Having access to the notes was very hard. Unless I knew beforehand that I was going to see a particular patient whose notes were in another clinic, it became almost impossible.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

Why he chose Pabau

Pabau seemed almost too good to be true

Dr A tried out other software before Pabau, but none of them did what he needed.

It wasn’t until he came across Pabau at an aesthetics conference in London that he finally saw an all-in-one solution that could help him solve the challenges he was facing.

“It was a complete clinic resource management. You were able to book patients, manage the diary, fill in forms, and annotate. It was too good to be true to start with.”

“This was my first introduction to Pabau.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

How Pabau helps medical doctor/practitioners

Ditch the pen and paper and switch to digital patient records

Access patient notes from anywhere, safely and securely

Annotate patient photos with details of the treatment

Use permissions to protect confidential medical records

Why Dr Ahmed decided to switch to Pabau

The main reason that Dr A decided to move to Pabau was that it wouldn’t just help him work more efficiently, it would also help his team.

As he explains, “It wasn’t all about me.” Using Pabau would help his whole team successfully manage their area of the business

  • The therapists could manage their own clients 
  • The clinic manager could access the business reports 
  • Dr A could keep an eye on the inventory and make detailed patient notes

“My clinic served more than myself. Pabau allowed me to make my notes and annotate, but it also allowed my therapists at the clinic to do the same with their treatments.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

Dr A, Bank MediSpa

“I can access Pabau at any time of the day, whether I’m in clinic, at home, or even overseas.”

All I have to do is just take my iPad, mobile phone, or laptop with me. That’s all. Can you imagine having to carry 2000 or 3000 paper records of patients with you anywhere you go?”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

Pabau = flexible, paper-free working

The main problem that Pabau has helped Dr El Houssieny solve is enabling him to get rid of paper records. Pabau is secure, cloud-based, and accessible on any device. That creates a lot of flexibility for practitioners like Dr A who work on-the-go, from different clinics or locations.

It also means he has patient information to hand to respond to inquiries.

Whenever a client gets in touch, even when it’s through social media, he can pull up their patient notes using Pabau and confidently answer a particular question about a treatment they’ve had.

“To jog my memory, all I have to do is log into Pabau, look the patient up, and have complete access to all my notes. This is really great.”

Easily review treatment records

Another big win is being able to add detailed annotations and descriptions about what treatment a patient has received – and quickly pull up information about previous treatments, no matter how long ago they were. 

If Dr El Houssieny wants to find out the exact treatment a client had a year or two ago, it’s all there in the system, with all the details he needs:

“I’m able to put dots where I’ve injected, write what I injected, and add the quantity. That’s been very useful  when I’m referencing treatments that the patients had a year or two years ago.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

A streamlined patient journey

Pabau has also helped to improve the patient journey.

Now, the patient journey is centred around the patient and ensures that they get all the communication they need at every single touchpoint – from the moment they make their appointment to following up afterwards.

Each client at Bank MediSpa will receive: 

  • A welcome email
  • A text reminder before their appointment 
  • A brief outlining their treatment plan
  • Aftercare instructions via email 
  • A follow-up text or email two weeks later  


“From the minute they make their appointment, they get a welcome email, then they get a text reminder for their appointment 24 hours beforehand.”

“When they come to the clinic, they get a brief of the treatment plan we’ve discussed. If they have an action plan, they get an aftercare email, a follow-up text, or an email two weeks later.” 

“All of this has made that process easy and streamlined.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

Use permissions settings to protect patient data

Bank MediSpa has dedicated front-of-house staff, management, and marketing staff. The business has clear responsibilities for each of the team members and not everyone needs access to to the same information. 

For example, the front-of-house team need to be able to manage the diary, book patients, and reschedule appointments – but they didn’t need access to writing or editing patient notes. 

Dr A, on the other hand, needs to access medical information. 

Pabau helps to protect patient data and manage patient risk with role-based permissions that limit access to features.

“I have a more medical role, so I’m able to access medical records, appointments and so on.”


“The therapists also have access to the patient contacts, their records, and the business manager has access to the reports and the diary.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

Power business intelligence

Being able to see the big picture when it comes to business performance is also really important to Dr A. Using the reporting feature in Pabau, he’s able to analyse his data and get a broad overview of his business, including: 

  • How the clinic is performing in terms of turnover
  • The number of last-minute cancellations 
  • How many products he’s selling

He can also able to monitor his conversion rates from consultation to treatment – one of the key statistics for him – and check that he’s on track for his growth goals for the business.

“I’m always looking at my clinic in terms of growth. I’m aiming for 10, 20, 30% growth. It’s important for me to access data that shows me how I’m doing.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

“I recommend Pabau all the time to my colleagues who are new and are looking to start up a clinic.”


“It makes things so much easier in terms of your medical records, diary management, your reporting system, and that’s really very important for a business.”

Dr A, Bank MediSpa
Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Medical Director, Bank MediSpa

To sum up

Pabau has helped to simply everything for Bank MediSpa. 

It’s helped get rid of paper medical records, improve the patient journey, and unlock critical insights about the business that will help them grow. 

It’s also enabled the team to work more flexibly and be able to access key information wherever they are. No paper records = no problem! 

The simple way to help your staff manage their clients